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X series PLC supports BD board expansion function, supports up to 2 BD boards, and can be flexibly configured according to requirements to meet on-site application requirements when the additional demand for digital or analog points of the machine is not large.


①Small size. Compared with the previously thought expansion module, the BD expansion board is only 1/10 of the expansion module.

② Flexible combination. It can support 2 BD boards at the same time. There are various types of expansion boards and can be mixed and matched with each other, and can be combined flexibly according to needs.

③High cost performance. Flexible points can make the products configured by customers more full, avoid unnecessary waste of points, and be more economical in cost

④Easy to install. X series PLC body comes with BD board slot, plug and play, more convenient and beautiful

⑤Exquisite appearance, BD board can be organically integrated with X series PLC, the overall structure is more compact, flat and refreshing

Model No.


Order No.


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  technical parameters


product information

BD board type


order number


Input characteristics

Analog input channel


total power consumption


input type

Voltage type ±10V

Data word format, full scale range

-32000 to 32000


11 bits plus 1 sign bit, LSB value: 4.88mV




±0.5% of full scale [typically 25 degrees]

Analog to digital conversion time


noise suppression

Typical -40dB@50Hz

Output characteristics

Analog output channel


voltage range

Voltage 0-10V, current 0-20mA

Data word format



12 bits


Voltage ±2.0% full scale, current ±3.0% [maximum error 0-55 degrees]

Voltage ±1.0% full scale, current ±1.0% full scale [typically 25 degrees]

Digital-to-analog conversion time

Voltage 50μs, Current 100μs

Maximum drive output

Voltage output ≥ 5000 ohms

Current output≤500Ω


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