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Application in magnetic separation iron ore processing

Application in magnetic separation iron ore processing

Abstract:Electromagnetic gravity washing machine is an efficient equipment for magnetic separation of crude concentrate. High grade magnetite concentrate with a grade of over 65% can be produced by magnetic separation of low grade ore or intermediate crude concentrate. The feed grade is 50-57%, the column concentrate grade is increased by 10-15%, the ribbon grade is 60-63%, and the column concentrate grade is increased by 3-6%. Electromagnetic gravity washing machine can also be used before filtering high-efficiency concentration equipment, concentration can reach more than 60, both to improve the grade 


Electromagnetic gravity washing machine is a new type of weak magnetic separation equipment. The equipment draws lessons from the separation principle of the original permanent magnet magnetic concentrator and the combined effect of the moving magnetic field on the magnetic minerals. Design a new type of equipment to reduce the magnetic field intensity from top to bottom. It is an ideal equipment for improving concentrate quality. The permanent magnet magnetic system is replaced by the electromagnetic magnetic system, so that the constant magnetic field can be changed into a magnetic field which can be adjusted at any time.

The electromagnetic magnetic system adopts discontinuous DC power supply mode, so that the magnetic field in the coil separation area has time and time. It improves the agglomeration, dispersion and agglomeration of the original magnetic gathering machine. Eight electromagnetic coils were designed from top to bottom in the electromagnetic gravity washing machine, and six of them were supplied with power from top to bottom to form magnetic force on magnetic minerals moving downward.

According to the requirement of beneficiation process, a special magnetic system with high magnetic field intensity in upper beneficiation area and low magnetic field intensity in lower beneficiation area at feeding point is designed. The problem of the rising of the upper part of the mine point and the rising speed of the lower part of the mine are balanced.

The equipment is equipped with a slurry specific gravity detection device and an automatic control system to automatically adjust the magnetic field intensity of the separation. Automatic Control Principle: The system detects the change of ore quantity entering the electromagnetic aggregator at any time. When the ore quantity increases, the proportion of the pulp increases, the magnetic field intensity of the electromagnetic system increases automatically, and the magnetic mineral downward attraction increases. When the ore quantity decreases, the proportion of the pulp reduces automatically the magnetic field intensity of the electromagnetic system. Reduce the downward attraction of magnetic minerals. This does not require manual participation, and the equipment always works at its best.


The equipment control system designed and manufactured by our company has fundamentally changed the traditional way of adjusting magnetic field with contacts and voltage regulators. Siemens PLC200 is used to control the power regulator, which greatly improves the reliability of the system operation. The input and output modules adopt UNIMAT series modules produced by Shenzhen UniMAT Automation Technology Co., Ltd. The input modules adopt UN231-7PD22-0XA0, and the output modules adopt UN232-0HB22-0XA0. The reasons why we choose products produced by Shenzhen UniMAT Automation Technology Co., Ltd. are as follows:


1. The UN200 and UN300 series modules produced by Shenzhen UniMAT Automation Technology Co., Ltd. are fully compatible with PLC of Siemens S7-200 and S7-300.

2, from a technical point of view, the billion dimensional module is higher in some aspects than SIEMENS's current module. For example, Siemens's new 1200 series of modules, the output module bus current consumption, Siemens 1200 for 80mA and Uygur's production of UN232-0HB-0XA0 only 40mA reduced power consumption, enhance the power carrying capacity.

3. From the point of view of after-sales service, UniMAT promised a five-year warranty, which exceeded the warranty period promised by Siemens. We had problems in the application that were not the module itself. UniMAT also helped us to find a positive way to solve them. We thank you for your call.

4. Considering the price, UniMAT's products are much lower than the price of Siemens module, which gives us more profit margin and competitiveness. The UN232-0HD22-0XA0,4-point analog output module introduced by EV is not available by Siemens, which not only saves costs, but also reduces the trouble caused by poor interface contact.

5. From the point of view of the supply cycle, all the products of UniMAT are in stock. Compared with Siemens, the supply cycle is much shorter.


In addition, our electromagnetic gravity washing machine has been extensively used in many water plants of mining companies in Tangshan area; through production practice, it has achieved better results than the original magnetic concentrator, stable operation of the equipment, low power consumption, high unit area processing capacity, no noise pollution, no lubrication maintenance. And other characteristics, the equipment is safe and reliable, and has been affirmed and praised by users.

The control cabinet we produced is shown below.

This is the control cabinet which was produced by SIEMENS module before:

   PLC panal with UniMAT PLC,


    Modules working now,


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