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HMI is the abbreviation of Human Machine Interface, "human-machine interface", also called human-machine interface. Human-machine interface (also known as user interface or user interface) is the medium through which the system interacts with the user and exchanges information, which realizes the conversion between the internal form of information and the form acceptable to humans. Human-machine interfaces exist in all fields involved in the exchange of human-machine information.

The human-machine interface of HMI series products is a new type of IoT HMI launched by UniMAT. This series supports the function of Internet of Things, can remotely monitor equipment, and provide high-quality solutions for the intelligent industry.

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Regarding the frequently asked questions about HMI, we only made a series of video and text content. If you encounter these problems, you may wish to take a look at these materials, they will give you some answers. If these contents still can not give you the answer, please contact us.

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