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UN series PLC is a high-performance PLC independently developed by UniMAT Machinery Equipment Company. With stable and reliable quality and meticulous cost control, it is the best choice for equipment automation. It can meet the requirements of various control functions, with excellent performance, rich instruction set, good scalability, extremely high cost performance and unparalleled command and use ability, and can be customized to meet the different needs of customers.

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All Products in the Series

UN 120 Series

UN 120 CPU

120 Digital I/O Modules

120 Analog I/O Modules

120 temperature Modules

UN 200 Series

UN 200 CPU

200 Digital I/O Modules

200 Analog I/O Modules

200 Temperature Modules

200 Communication Modules

200 Special Function Modules

UN 300 Series

300 Digital I/O Modules

300 Analog I/O Modules

300 Communication Modules

300 Power Modules

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