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Important Products for 2022

Breaking technical barriers, constantly researching and innovating, and embracing the new era of industrial revolution



SMARTCPU comes standard for Ethernet port, supports MODBUS-TCP protocol, supports program monitoring and PUT GET communication. RS485 communication port, supports free port protocol and MODBUS-RTU protoCol.

Expansion Module

Including expansion boards and expansion modules, supports up to 6 expansion modules.

High Speed Input

All models are equipped with single-phase 6-channel 200KHz, AB-phase 4-channel 100KHz high-speed counting.

High Speed Output

Transistor-type CPU body provides up with three-axis 100KHz high-speed pulse output, supports motion control function and PWM adjustment.

SMART products have planned more than 2 feasible technical solutions, and through testing and verification, always pay attention to industry trends and technological innovations to ensure the sustainable development of products.
After years of market precipitation, UniMAT PLC has won the trust in customers and achieved good results in product sales. Up to now , the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 500W units, the product models on sale have exceeded 300, and the total number of customers have exceeded 7,000.

A variety of technical solutions, completely independent research and development

SMART series PLC is a new product based on the 200 series, and has been upgraded in functions such as running speed, network communication, high-speed counting, and motion control. SMART series products are rich in models, and the CPU provides 20, 30, 40, 60 point relay and transistor models. Modules include digital expansion modules, analog expansion modules and temperature modules. In the future, UniMAT's traditional featured products XP series CPU, as well as bus modules and IoT modules will be launched.


UN 200 SMART Module

Digital Module

Analog Module

Thermal Resistance Module

Thermocouple Module

Signal Board

Profinet Slave Module

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Since its establishment of 2004, UniMAT has been committed to the research and development and innovation of domestic PLCs. UN 200 SMART PLC is the precipitation and crystallization of UniMAT PLC technology for 18 years. In today's complex international competition and trade barriers, only by mastering the core technology of independent research and development can we not be controlled by others. UN 200 SMART PLC insists on independent research and development, is equipped with a variety of technical solutions, and refuses to be stuck. It is the best choice for industrial control equipment.

Manage Work Tasks Easily with IOT

In recent years, big data, the Internet of Things, and the fourth industrial revolution have been surging, and UniMAT has experienced natural development for more than ten years. Bringing SMART to the market at the fastest speed in history is inseparable from UniMAT's more than ten years of technology accumulation , product planning and strong R&D drive. UniMAT joined Ruineng Technology Group and made a lot of investment in human and financial resources. Development is expected. With the help of the group's strength and market demand, with the help of SMART and the Internet of Things, UniMAT complements its advantages, empowers traditional industries, and integrates into the trend of the times.