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The dream box of industrial interconnection


Real-time monitoring data, group management, powerful functions, waiting for you to discover


Series Overview

PLC program remote upload and download, serial port

Real-time data monitoring, group management

Historical data cloud storage, disconnection recovery

Cloud configuration monitoring, mobile & PC

... ...

Principle Decomposition

Field Device Layer

At the industrial equipment site, UBox can connect to UniMAT HMI, PLC, inverter and some instrumentation equipment, collect relevant equipment data, connect to the Internet through wired broadband, WIFI, and 4G, and transmit equipment data to the UniMAT cloud platform.

Cloud Data Layer

UniMAT is hosted on the Alibaba Cloud server, and the UniMAT cloud server receives the data sent by the UBOX at the industrial site. Collect on-site data to the server, realize data storage and transmission, and provide data interaction for on-site data and remote clients.

User Layer

Interrupted users can remotely access industrial field data through PCs and mobile terminals, and can perform operation settings and equipment management. At the same time, cloud platform data recording can provide data support for user equipment analysis.

Product Description

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