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UniMAT CPU124E in board suction machine---A case study

UniMAT CPU124E in board suction machine---A case study

  1. Industry Overview

In traditional plastic injection molding factories, plastic plates need to go through a set of cutting processes after injection molding. Cutting machining effect. The rate is around 10s/Pcs, and it usually takes 4 workers to unload the cutting machine. As the demographic dividend gradually decreases and labor costs continue to rise, using servo blanking machines to replace manual blanking has become the most cost-effective solution.

According to customer needs, UniMAT PLC CPU124E (order number UN 124-2AE23-0XB8) comes with the main body.It has 14 digital input points, 10 digital output points, and integrates two 20kHZ high-speed pulse outputs, making it very suitable for this solution.

UniMAT CPU124E supports the UN120L series dedicated motion control library independently developed by UniMAT. Its motion control library has the advantages of rich instructions and simple and convenient use. It is deeply loved by the majority of users. The UN120L series dedicated motion control library and operating instructions can be found on the UniMAT official website (, this article mainly briefly introduces the application of CPU124E in plastic suction machines.

  1. I/O allocation

The maximum output current of the CPU124E transistor output type is 0.75A, so it can drive solenoid valves, coils, etc. with large loads. It is necessary to use an intermediate relay to avoid burning the terminals.


  1. PLC program

Before writing a motion control program, a calculation process is frequently used repeatedly, such as servo lead and pulse calculation. You can first write a conversion program with parameter return (as shown below) so that the program can be more concise.

Return to origin: return to origin process: complete the vertical axis (Z-axis) return to zero and then return to the horizontal axis (X-axis), UniMAT UN120L series. The column-specific motion control library contains 4 return-to-origin methods. Because the customer's Z axis uses the upper limit as the return-to-origin DOG signal, among the MC_HOME library instructions, return-to-origin method 1 best meets customer needs;

(1. Return to the Z axis first

(2. Determine whether the Z-axis return to origin is completed

(3. Return to the X axis

Automatic operation: The main processes of the automatic operation process are as follows   Zero point→retrieval waiting position→retrieval→zero point→select work station→X axis to unloading→Z axis goes to the unloading position→unloading→retract Z axis→return to zero cycle

((1.Retrieval waiting position

Obtain the position material point parameters (floating point number) from HMI and convert them into pulses and frequencies. Before motion control, call the conversion program to convert the data;

Z axis reaches the waiting position

((2.Take materials

When the material in place signal is ON, the servo manipulator starts to pick up the material and calculate the descending position.

Reach down to the picking position

((3.Retrieval is completed

Add a delay after the material retrieval is completed (the time can be set in the HMI, a floating point number), and retract the Z-axis after the delay is completed.

((4.Select a workstation

  1. Discharge

Current placement calculation, HMI can adjust the number of currently placed boards.

5. Discharge

6. Return to initial position

Determine whether to loop

  1. Touch screen settings

The touch screen uses the Yiwei touch screen, and the communication protocol is the Unimat PLC PPI protocol.

1. Automatic interface setting

2. HMI parameter setting.

Generally, the storage address is the V area and the V area is set as the power-off retention area to ensure that the power-off parameters can be maintained.

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Application of UniMAT PLC in electrostatic precipitator

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Application of UNIMAT PLC in Livestock Breeding Industry

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