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Application of UNIMAT PLC in Livestock Breeding Industry

Application of UNIMAT PLC in Livestock Breeding Industry


With the gradual promotion of automatic control systems in all walks of life, more and more people feel the advantages of high efficiency, high environmental protection and high energy saving brought by automatic control. This article mainly describes the use of UniMAT PLC as the control core, combined with other auxiliary products, to achieve a series of automated control in the livestock breeding industry.

2.System overview

In the process of breeding pigs, the pig breeding factory will receive the influence of the biogas content, temperature and humidity from the growth environment to prolong the growth cycle of the pigs. The automatic control system in this program controls the breeding factory by selecting UniMAT 120 series PLC and 400 series HMI The start and stop of the fan and the temperature control of the ground heating water supply provide the most scientific growth environment for pigs to a certain extent and shorten the growth cycle of pigs. The schematic diagram of the system is as follows:


The operating principle of the pig breeding automation control system: The external temperature and humidity sensor connected to the UniMAT PLC feeds back the value in real time to monitor whether the pig growth environment is optimal. When the PLC detects that the temperature of the external pig growth environment is too high, or the indoor ammonia nitrogen content is too high When the temperature rises, UniMAT PLC will control the start of the corresponding fan to speed up indoor air circulation, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling; when the actual temperature monitored by UniMAT PLC exceeds the ambient temperature suitable for pig growth. At the same time, UniMAT PLC will control the rotation of the motor corresponding to the water curtain to quickly generate a large amount of water mist to achieve the purpose of cooling; when the ambient temperature where pigs grow is too low, UniMAT PLC can control the floor heating pump to circulate hot water to the floor heating water pipes. , thereby achieving the purpose of raising the indoor temperature. Through UniMAT HMI, the pig breeding environment can be remotely monitored and displayed, and related parameters such as temperature, humidity, and ammonia nitrogen content of the indoor pig growth environment can be observed in real time, so that the indoor environment can be understood. When an abnormality in the indoor pig growth environment is found, the manual mode can be operated directly through the UniMAT HMI. In the automatic mode, the PLC can directly change the indoor pig growth environment by changing the operating status of the fan and water pump, without the need to manually walk to the equipment site. Manual operation.


3.Comparison with traditional breeding schemes

The environmental management of the farm is very important. As the saying goes, "three points of nourishment, seven points of management", management is to achieve the purpose of rapid growth of pigs by managing the environmental hygiene during the growth of pigs.

Traditional breeding plan: The conditions of the housing are poor, and the starting and stopping of the fans and floor heating pumps also need to be manually operated, and dedicated personnel need to be on call around the clock. In addition, inaccurate judgment of the actual environment in which pigs grow, and failure to promptly prevent heatstroke, cooling, cold protection, and ventilation may lead to frequent pig diseases, which may directly lead to huge economic losses in severe cases. The traditional breeding scheme not only has a higher risk of sickness or death of pigs, but also greatly increases labor costs.

Automated breeding solution: connect sensors to collect data through PLC, and in automatic mode, set the time for fan operation and stop to realize automatic control, without 24-hour waiting; through HMI display and control, no staff need to go to the equipment Manual operation can reduce the workload of staff to a certain extent, and  accurate environmental monitoring can provide a more suitable growth environment for pigs.

4.System Configuration Plan and Application



UniMAT PLC and touch screen are used in the pig breeding industry to accurately monitor the environment (temperature, ammonia nitrogen content, etc.) of the breeding plant. By controlling the fans and water pumps through PLC, the environment of the breeding plant is adjusted to the range most suitable for the growth of pigs. Scientific methods are used to allow pigs to grow rapidly in the most suitable environment, and it can prevent pigs from getting sick or dying due to the surrounding growth environment, which greatly reduces the risk of pig growth. Reduced economic loss. On the other hand, there is no need for workers to be on call all day long, which also reduces labor costs.

This plan is to go home during the National Day holiday and implement simple environmental monitoring and control at the request of neighbors. The UniMAT series of automation products can also realize intelligent feeding, automatic cleaning of feces, etc., and these intelligent devices can also be connected to the manager’s mobile phone. By tapping the screen, the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, ammonia concentration and other data of each pen will be displayed on the mobile phone in real time. Managers can remotely control manure cleaning, feeding, fans, roller shutters, wet curtains, etc. through the control system. Equipment can basically achieve unmanned management. Automated control is becoming increasingly popular, and the application of automated control in the civilian field will be a trend in the future. Agricultural breeding can achieve semi-automatic or even fully automated control.

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