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UniMAT PLC helps the animal husbandry hatchery to enter the era of intelligence and efficiency

UniMAT PLC helps the animal husbandry hatchery to enter the era of intelligence and efficiency

As the new darling of poultry hatcheries in my country today, smart hatching halls have gradually replaced traditional small family incubators. High-quality, high-yield smart hatching halls bring high hatching rates. The intelligent control system provided by UniMAT Automation has demonstrated strong technical strength and innovation capabilities in the field of intelligent incubation of animal husbandry. The intelligent control system controlled by UniMAT PLC can monitor and adjust the environment of the incubation hall in real time, helping the livestock hatchery to achieve constant temperature, constant humidity, and constant pressure environmental control, greatly improving the hatching rate and production efficiency.


1.Accurate monitoring, constant temperature, humidity and pressure

The intelligent control system uses the advanced PID self-tuning function of UniMAT PLC, which can monitor and adjust the temperature, humidity and pressure in the incubation hall in real time. The temperature control is divided into three modes: heating, cooling and dehumidification. The amount and proportion of water inlet are accurately controlled through pipe water inlet. Pressure control is divided into positive pressure and negative pressure, and the minimum frequency of the inverter is set through PID control and communication to meet different needs.

Positive air supply

Negative pressure exhaust


2.Stable, reliable, efficient incubation

The intelligent control system adopts UniMAT PLC + touch screen, including UH510 touch screen, SMART PLC series CPU SR20, AE08 and AQ04 modules, which can ensure the efficient and stable operation of the system. The system has a power-off memory function and can continue to work even after a power outage, ensuring the continuity and stability of the incubation process.



3.Easy to operate, quick to get started

The control system uses UN 200 SMART SR20 CPU as the main control device, which is easy to operate and switch. It can be seamlessly compatible with Siemens products. Both novices and experienced field workers can get started quickly, which greatly reduces training and operation and maintenance costs.

Control cabinet


4.Leading a new era of intelligent and efficient animal husbandry

The UniMAT PLC intelligent control system has demonstrated its strong technical and innovative strength in the application case of the animal husbandry incubation hall. Whether it is improving production efficiency, optimizing hatching quality, or being easy to operate and quick to get started, under the guidance of the UniMAT PLC intelligent control system, the animal husbandry industry will surely usher in a more stable and efficient work experience, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality. Let us look forward to the wider application of UniMAT PLC in the animal husbandry industry and inject new vitality into the development of the animal husban dry industry!

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