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2017 Shanghai Industry Fair | UniMAT booth continues to heat up

2017 Shanghai Industry Fair | UniMAT booth continues to heat up

In the blink of an eye, the 5-day 2017 Shanghai Industrial Fair has passed halfway, and the popularity of UniMAT's booth is like this every day, everyone can feel it at will.

The various motion control demonstration systems exhibited by UniMAT Automation this time attracted the attention of many audiences, who stopped to watch and consult one after another. Everyone's understanding of UniMAT has also changed from a PLC product provider to an overall solution provider.


The flying shearing system, synchronization device, and chip programming displayed on site are all motion control systems built on the basis of UniMAT's PLC, servo and HMI.

1. The flying shear system simulates the application site of fixed-length cutting of pipes and profiles . During the movement, the belt rotates continuously, and the module is accelerated to reach the running speed of the belt. After the speed is synchronized, the crankshaft motor runs at a certain angle, simulating the cutting action of the cutter; after the cutting is completed, the module table returns to the origin at high speed, Wait for the next cut, and so on and so forth.

Features:  high work efficiency; high precision ; relatively low electrical power, high cost performance.

2. The synchronization device simulates the requirements of speed synchronization, position synchronization and other working conditions, and the synchronization displacement range is small. In the fields of printing machinery and textile machinery, multi-motor synchronization is widely used.

Features: Faster adjustment response; closed-loop control, high synchronization accuracy; easy adjustment of master-slave servo drive parameters through UniMAT servo host computer software.

2017 industrial control event, there are 2 days left, UniMAT is waiting for you at 6.1H-F089!

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