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【Market Trends】The product training meeting of UniMAT Automation's trip to India has ended successfully!

【Market Trends】The product training meeting of UniMAT Automation's trip to India has ended successfully!

UniMAT Automation has been deeply involved in the industrial control industry for many years. The automation products independently developed and produced are not only widely used in the domestic market, but also favored by many overseas users.

Recently, at the invitation of the Indian agent, our technical manager and his party went to India to hold a small product training session for the customer.

This training mainly shared the application of PLC, HMI and servo, focusing on practical operation, allowing users to touch the product and know how to use the product. The on-site users showed great enthusiasm, and they truly mastered the use of the product through listening, operation, questioning, and answering.

Products that can effectively solve problems for customers are what customers need. No, the customer took the technician to the scene.

For the vertical packaging machine, the customer's previous plan was to use the electronic cam (e-CAM) CPU, but now it uses a complete set of UniMAT PLC+HMI+servo products, which are very cost-effective. The servo-driven sealing mechanism operates continuously and performs opening and closing actions. When it opens to a certain angle, another servo-driven film feeding mechanism feeds the material at a fixed length. 

For the medical electrode patch production line, the customer used PLC from home A, screen from home B, and servo from home C, which was not cost-effective and troublesome to maintain. Now, they have switched to UniMAT products.


Building trust between people is hard, and cross-border friendship is even harder. However, UniMAT has built a solid friendship boat with high-quality products and sincere service, and I believe it can withstand any wind and rain.

Sure enough, the effect is recognized by customers.

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