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【Market Trends】UniMAT Automation successfully held a technical exchange meeting in the HVAC industry

【Market Trends】UniMAT Automation successfully held a technical exchange meeting in the HVAC industry

With the development of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and mobile applications, the industrial upgrading of globalization has entered a substantial stage. Whether it is German Industry 4.0, American Industrial Internet or Made in China 2025 and other different strategic deployments, they are all based on the "deep integration of information technology and manufacturing as the main line, and the promotion of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction". As one of the traditional manufacturing industries, gas heating and water heaters are facing the upgrading of production lines.

On March 29, 2018, UniMAT Automation and Zhihui Industry held the "Traditional Manufacturing Intelligent Transformation and Upgrading Technology Exchange Conference", with the title of "Application of UniMAT PLC in HVAC Industry" to share UniMAT products to help heating The solution for the transformation and upgrading of the production line.

UniMAT Automation has been working in the field of industrial automation for 14 years. It independently develops and produces PLC, HMI, servo, inverter and other automation products that are widely used in various industries. There are many successful cases in the HVAC industry. At the exchange meeting, Director Liao of UniMAT Technology Department shared the advantages of UniMAT products in the HVAC industry in the aspects of fresh fan control, air conditioner control, and exhaust air control. The audience showed great interest and many Communicate with UniMAT technical staff.

UniMAT PLC can perform centralized remote automatic control, data acquisition and monitoring on the refrigeration host, air conditioning unit, air supply and exhaust system, refrigeration, cooling water system and auxiliary instruments in the building HVAC system according to the preset control strategy. The rich interface modules meet the networking requirements and upper monitoring requirements of the HVAC system. UniMAT HMI visualizes the system process flow to the operator, and meets the needs of simple operation and various records. UniMAT's rich product series, professional customized services, stable and accurate product quality, maximally meet the needs of the HVAC industry.

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