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About UniMAT

We are a leading provider of PLC products and solutions, more than 500,000 products are sold to India every month, and the products are perfectly compatible with Siemens

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Become a UniMAT agent,Obtain overseas preferential agency prices,Provide technical support for overseas agents and quick response after-sales problems

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We have a lot of excellent service cases, customers use our PLC products to reduce production time, reduce production costs,

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#Compatible Alternatives To Siemens??

Our product not only serves as a replacement for Siemens but also offers full compatibility and even surpasses Siemens in terms of stability and certain performance aspects. Additionally, our product comes at a lower price point, enabling customers to achieve the same results as Siemens PLC but at half the cost.

What Products Do We Have?


UN 200 SMART Module

Digital Module

Analog Module

Thermal Resistance Module

Thermocouple Module

Signal Board

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