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Technical Parameters



order number

UN 288-1ST60-0AA0

Dimensions W x H x D (mm)


Current supply (24 V DC)

300mA max.

Digital Input Current Consumption (24 V DC)

4 mA per input used

CPU characteristics

user memory

30 KB program memory/20 KB data memory/up to 10 KB retentive memory

module extension

Up to 6 expansion modules

Signal Board Expansion

Up to 1 signal board

high speed counter

6 total

Single phase: 6 channels 200 KHz

AB phase: 4 channels 100 KHz



Ethernet: 1

Serial Ports: 1 (RS485)

Expansion port: optional 485 BD board

programming device

Serial port: 1 connection, Ethernet port: 1 connection


Ethernet: total number of client and server connections 6

power input

voltage range

20.4 ~ 28.8VDC

Power Output

Rated output current (maximum)

300 mA

digital input

Enter points




Rated voltage

Normal DI point: 24 V DC at 4 mA, rated value
    High-speed DI point: 24 V DC at 6.5 mA, rated value

Allowable continuous voltage

30 V DC max.

Logic 1 signal (minimum)

I0.0-I0.3: 4VDC at 12.75mA
    I0.6-I1.1: 15VDC at 3.7mA
    Others: 15VDC at 2.5mA

Logic 0 signal (maximum)

I0.0-I0.3: 1VDC at 1mA
    Other inputs: 5VDC at 1mA

filter time

Individually selectable for each channel (points I0.0 to I1.5): 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 3.2,
    6.4 and 12.8µs 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 3.2,
    6.4 and 12.8ms Individually selectable
    for each channel Choices (I1.6 and greater points): 0, 6.4, 12.8ms

digital output

output points

twenty four


Solid State - MOSFET (Source)

voltage range

20.4 ~ 28.8VDC

Rated current per point (maximum)

0.5 A+Q21:W3B12:W38

Side View

Dimensions (mm)

Wiring Diagram

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