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PLC in Evian Regenerative Electric Boiler:A Case Study

PLC in Evian Regenerative Electric Boiler:A Case Study

Industry background

    The regenerative electric boiler is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving electric heating product launched according to the policy of the electric power department to encourage the use of electricity for heating during low-peak periods and to enjoy preferential electricity prices. Auxiliary equipment, heat storage tank, constitutes a regenerative electric boiler system. In recent years, due to the continuous development of my country's electric power industry, the industrial structure has undergone great changes, and the quality of people's lives has continued to improve, especially in some central cities with special requirements for environmental protection and in some places where the power supply is relatively sufficient. The application in China has cultivated a fertile soil. Moreover, in the past few years, due to some reasons, the temporary phenomenon of power supply exceeding demand has occurred, and the power supply department has issued some preferential policies. Thus creating various conditions for the birth of thermal storage electric boilers in China.


    Working principle

      (1) The high-temperature solid heat storage electric boiler uses low-peak electricity at night (23:00-7:00 for a total of 8 hours) to heat the heat storage medium to a high temperature of 800 degrees to store heat, and release the heat on demand through the automatic control device during peak power consumption , with temperature-adjustable circulating water for heating or supply of domestic hot water, in order to achieve the effect of "shifting peaks and filling valleys" and reducing heating costs.

      (2) The major technological breakthrough of high-temperature solid heat storage electric boilers lies in the use of solid heat storage materials and integrated structural design to combine heating, heat storage, heat exchange, heat supply and control functions to form a real vacuum boiler. Phase change boiler.


      Product Features

        (1) The product has high technical content, comprehensively applies the latest achievements in material science, heat transfer and control technology, and organically combines them in a system

        (2) The system is stable and reliable. The control system adopts UniMAT UN series PLC with strong anti-interference ability. It is reliable and stable, has fast response speed and high precision, and strong anti-interference ability. Communication interfaces and modules facilitate connection and data logging at all levels. The control software is equipped with multiple protection functions to further ensure the reliability of the system.

        (3) The operation is simple and unattended. This product adopts a fully intelligent automatic control device, which is extremely easy to operate. Operators can go to work with simple training, and can be unattended under fully automatic operation. It adopts touch screen mode, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, full Chinese interface, and the operating status of the boiler is clear at a glance.

        (4) Take heat on demand and supply heat at a constant temperature. Due to its unique controllable heating method, this product can continuously supply heat at a specified temperature below 85°C according to the user's requirements, and provide heat on demand according to the user's needs combined with the actual climate temperature. The system responds sensitively and is easy to operate Simple.



          The high-temperature solid heat storage electric boiler system adopts the Edimensional UN124 series PLC, and the Edimensional UH507 touch screen.

          UN124CPU is superior in cost performance; 14 points of digital input, 10 points of digital output, and can be expanded to 3 modules; using FLASH technology for ultra-long power-off retention , without battery support, data can be stored for up to 10 years; unique AES iterative encryption algorithm to protect user intellectual property rights; with two communication interfaces, support PPI and MODBUS-RTU communication protocols.


          UH507 is a TFT LCD resistive touch human-machine interface with a resolution of 800x480; 24-bit true color, clear picture, using Cortex A8 processor; can expand a variety of interfaces for information exchange between the system and users interaction.


          Use effect

            Combined with the working principle of electric heating boilers, the use of UniMAT automation solutions not only has obvious cost advantages, but also the system is stable and reliable, can fully adapt to various environments, has fast response speed, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, and can run uninterrupted for a long time in harsh environments. The system as a whole adopts an integrated structure design and multi-point temperature measurement to ensure safe and reliable operation of the boiler. Simple operation and high degree of automation. The automatic control system can automatically detect operating parameters such as indoor and outdoor temperature, water temperature, and flow rate through sensors, and automatically operate according to the preset time, temperature, and heat supply.

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