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2015 Internet+Industrial Control Top 100 Released, UniMAT squeezed into the top 44

2015 Internet+Industrial Control Top 100 Released, UniMAT squeezed into the top 44

Recently, "2015 Internet + Industrial Control Top 100" was released. With its strong comprehensive strength, UniMAT successfully ranked 44th on the list, overwhelming many domestic industrial control brands. The listing of UniMAT means that its influence and industry status have been fully recognized by the industry.
"2015 Internet + Industrial Control Top 100" is a selection initiated by the third-party authoritative media "Internet Weekly". Conducted industry combing. On the basis of examining the revenue status, business scale, technological innovation ability and other factors of these enterprises, the examination can reflect the dimensions of corporate mission, social responsibility and brand reputation, and conduct statistical analysis on each enterprise, thus reflecting Its comprehensive capabilities in the Internet + era.
With the advent of a new economic form of Internet +, domestic industrial control companies are trying to adapt Internet technology to the needs of the industrial environment through various forms. In this process, UniMAT is also increasing the integration of itself and the Internet; using information technology to strengthen the integration and interconnection between systems, to achieve deep networked, intelligent and integrated development, thereby changing the traditional production mode and improving management level and production efficiency, and strive to bring local automation products to the world.
As a national high-tech enterprise and a dual-software enterprise, UniMAT has successfully launched automation products such as UniMAT PLC, HMI, servo drives, frequency converters and industry-specific controllers. , electric power, environmental protection, water treatment, transportation, chemical industry and other industries automation control system solutions, while providing supporting equipment for rubber and plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, electronic equipment, textile machinery, mining machinery and other equipment.
For the listing of UniMAT this time, I would like to thank the old and new customers and partners who have supported UniMAT  for a long time. It is precisely because of their love that UniMAT is motivated to move forward quickly and constantly challenge the peak.

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