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[Ten years of greatness, thank you for having you] - "Win-win cooperation made in China 2025, 10th anniversary celebration of UniMAT and the joy of housewarming" was grandly held

[Ten years of greatness, thank you for having you] - "Win-win cooperation made in China 2025, 10th anniversary celebration of UniMAT and the joy of housewarming" was grandly held

On June 27, 2015, the event of "Win-win Cooperation Made in China 2025, 10th Anniversary Celebration of UniMAT and Housewarming" sponsored by Shenzhen UniMAT Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held at Lanyingwan Resort Hotel.

The event scene was star-studded. Nearly 50 VIPs from UniMAT customers, agents, suppliers, guests and media from all over the country witnessed UniMAT's grand ceremony.

Mr. Li Jiwei, the general manager, kicked off the whole ceremony. Mr. Li first thanked all the customers, agents, suppliers, employees, etc. who have contributed to the development of UniMAT, and talked about the current good situation. He said that UniMAT In the next 10 years will be even more brilliant.

Then customer representatives, agent representatives, supplier representatives, and media guests delivered speeches.
Mr. Li Xiaoyong, CEO of Gongkong and Ms. Su Meiping of Transmission Network took the stage to express their good wishes and expectations for UniMAT. Mr. Li Xiaoyong recalled the "Ice Bucket Challenge", a public welfare activity first initiated by UniMAT General Manager Li Jiwei in the industrial control industry last year, and now the "annual appointment" between "two Li", and sincerely wishes UniMAT to be in The next ten years will achieve even more brilliant results.
Ms. Su Meiping enthusiastically explored the development keywords of UniMAT from the ten-year development history of UniMAT. It can be clearly felt that the main media in the industrial control industry, the industrial control network and the transmission network, support and closely cooperate with UniMAT.

There were also many wonderful programs at the party: UniMAT management chorus, sand painting performance, creative product show, employee duet, Sichuan Opera face changing, calligraphy performance, laser dance, sign language dance, etc., which constantly pushed the party to a climax.

At the event, 9 outstanding agents from all over the country were awarded "Gold Medal Agent" or "Excellent Agent" awards, and at the same time, gold medals and silver medals were respectively awarded to employees who have devoted themselves to UniMAT for a certain number of years.

Thanks to all the UniMAT people who silently dedicated and paid behind the scenes, and to all the customers and partners who supported and helped UniMAT. In the past 10 years, we have delivered high-quality products and services to the world and established a high-quality consumer reputation. ;The 10th anniversary celebration is not only a milestone in the development of UniMAT, but also a new starting point for UniMAT to climb to a new height. We will make persistent efforts to provide better products and services for global users.

With the successive maturity of UniMAT Automation's new products: servo, inverter, HMI and other product lines, the future of UniMAT will definitely be better with the joint efforts of upstream suppliers, partners and all UniMAT colleagues.


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