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Beautiful engineer has something to say

Beautiful engineer has something to say

When I was notified to send me to a large sewage treatment plant in Gansu to deal with on-site problems, my first reaction was not the long distance and dry weather, but how confident I was that I could solve the customer's problem! Of course, in the end, it fulfills its mission and helps customers find the real crux of the problem. Even if it turns out that it is not the problem of UniMAT products, it still reflects the service attitude that UniMAT should have, and the quality of UniMAT products has also been recognized by customers.


After arriving at the site, I first watched the workshop. The workshop is in normal operation and the project is in the stage of acceptance.

Next, identify the problem on-site. The operator's operation process: feeding medicine - pressing the mud - unloading the mud Works fine!

As soon as the problem recurs, after waiting for more than ten minutes, the communication has not been restored. According to the customer's description, the Kingview software needs to be restarted, and the network cable can also be re-plugged in the electrical cabinet, but this is for the operator in the central control room. is not allowed! So, the first thing I think of is interference, so how to check and eliminate interference? What we most often suspect is the interference of the inverter. Then first check the grounding protection of the inverter. The electrical control cabinet is installed on both sides. The inverter is installed on the back side of the cabinet and is very close to the large motor. Check and confirm that the protection of the inverter is definitely OK.

The interference of the inverter is quickly eliminated. Then I thought about whether it might be a power supply interference. If the module works abnormally, I will find the power source of the module! First of all, UniMAT's Ethernet adapter is plugged into the CPU. The power supply comes from the CPU, and the CPU works normally, so the power supply of the module must be no problem. Then check the other end of the network, the fiber optic transceiver!

The power supply of the fiber optic transceiver is a switching power supply, so what does this have to do with the switching power supply? Back to the central point of the problem here, the communication will be interrupted when the motor starts! A common professional problem is introduced here. At the moment when the motor starts, the starting current is relatively large, and sometimes it may reach more than ten times the rated current. Such a large current will increase the loss of current-carrying components with impedance, such as lines and transformers. , the voltage drop increases, the grid voltage will drop briefly! Then the moment when the voltage of the switching power supply drops, the power supply voltage of the optical fiber transceiver drops, causing it to not work normally (some products cannot work normally when the voltage is lower than the normal working voltage range), which also causes an instantaneous network interruption, and the transceiver's automatic The recovery ability is very weak and cannot be recovered in a short time, and the phenomenon described by the customer occurs.

How to verify this problem is to find an independent output power supply. The CPU itself has a DC24V output, which is just idle and can be used by the transceiver. At the same time, the grounding protection of the transceiver should also be considered here. Generally, there are grounding screws on the shell of this module!


After the modification is completed, when the operator starts the unloading motor, the monitoring data in the central control room is normal and there is no interruption. The solution of the problem proves to the customer that the quality and function of our company's products can stand the test.


From the point of view of a technical support person, if the product quality and function pass the test, other problems are possible, don't be impatient, find a way out of the problem, there is a solution to the possible problem! The above is a good on-site experience, and I hope it will be helpful to readers!

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