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Independent innovation, winning awards - UniMAT Automation won the CMCD 2020 New Technology Product Award in the Field of Motion Control

Independent innovation, winning awards - UniMAT Automation won the CMCD 2020 New Technology Product Award in the Field of Motion Control

On December 17, 2020, sponsored by China Transmission Network, China Motion Control Industry Alliance, China Direct Drive Industry Alliance and other units, intelligent manufacturing empowerment, reshaping value - 2021 Intelligent Manufacturing & China Motion Control / Direct Drive Industry Development Summit Forum The award ceremony was grandly held at the Grand Skylight International Hotel in Pingshan, Shenzhen. UniMAT Automation was invited to participate in this conference. UniMAT's new product "X3 series PLC" won the CMCD 2020 New Technology Product Award in the Field of Motion Control!

2020 is a year of turning and great changes for China's manufacturing industry. Facing the complicated international economic and trade situation, coupled with the sudden spread of the global new crown epidemic, China's manufacturing industry is once again standing at a key node of development. It is urgent to transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry and to innovate independently.X3 series PLC is a high-performance PLC independently developed by UniMAT Automation on the basis of summarizing the achievements of the domestic market and integrating the needs of customers in the motion control industry. This series of PLC is a powerful motion control function. Perfectly integrating the advantages of UN series PLC expansion capabilities, it is the first choice for control systems such as OEM equipment, small projects, and IoT smart devices. X3 series PLC has complete specifications, including 16 points, 24 points, 32 points, 40 points, 60 points CPU, as well as expansion modules and BD expansion boards. 

All X3 series are equipped with Ethernet, RS232, 485 interfaces as standard; support 3-8 high-speed input, 2-6 high-speed pulse output of 200KHZ; support various types of BD boards, flexible and easy to expand; support most common motion control Instructions and various communication protocols; support linear interpolation, circular interpolation, S-curve, continuous interpolation and other motion control functions.

This award is another affirmation by the industry for UniMAT's efforts in the field of automation and motion control, and another recognition of UniMAT by the market. In the future, UniMAT will not forget its original intention, forge ahead, adhere to technological innovation, continuously improve products and services, and contribute to Chinese manufacturing!

The CMCD/CDDIA 2020 Annual Awards are mainly to commend outstanding corporate brands, innovative technology products emerging in the fields of servo, operation control and direct drive, as well as outstanding contributions made by outstanding corporate managers to the industry, helping the industry to flourish.

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