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[News] School-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents | Teaching automation application DEMO box donation ceremony

[News] School-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents | Teaching automation application DEMO box donation ceremony

Once most students step out of the ivory tower, they will immediately become fighters in the workplace. School-enterprise cooperation can help students better complete the transition in psychology and employability.

In order to further enhance students' employment competitiveness, realize the organic combination of what students learn in school and enterprise practice, deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and promote communication between schools and enterprises, on June 21, 2019, the UniMAT Automation delegation Invited to Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Vocational and Technical College for the donation ceremony of the DEMO display stand project for teaching automation applications!

First of all, Ms. Xu Yingqun, vice president of Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Vocational and Technical College, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the donors, and briefly introduced the school's basic profile, education and teaching, and development planning.

Next, Su Chongde, chairman of the China Motion Control Industry Alliance, delivered a speech: China's intelligent manufacturing has just started, and there is a great demand for professional talents. The school-enterprise cooperation project is a key project of the China Motion Control Industry Alliance in 2019, leading more companies to improve sports together. The application level of control technology, and the training of scientific and technological talents in motion control technology.

After Mr. Li Fangyuan, associate professor of Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Vocational and Technical College, introduced the DEMO box project for teaching automation application, the handover ceremony of the DEMO box was opened. The school issued a donation certificate to the donating enterprise, which pushed the event to a climax.

Finally, Mr. Li Jiwei, general manager of Shenzhen UniMAT Automation Technology Co., Ltd., shared the development and prospects of domestic PLCs. Due to technical reasons and the recognition of domestic PLCs by Chinese people, the current market share of domestic PLCs is very small. After the Huawei ZTE incident, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, proposed that "key core technologies cannot be bought and must be replaced by localization." On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G licenses, marking China's first entry into the 5G era. The characteristics of 5G, such as high speed, low latency, and massive connections , provide a network foundation for industrial interconnection, and are the "accelerator" for the development of the Industrial Internet of Things. It is believed that under the influence of these factors, domestic PLC will usher in a new opportunity for development.

The CPU and HMI on the DEMO box donated this time are UniMAT X3 series CPU and 507 touch screen with Ethernet port.

The new generation of X-series PLCs launched by UniMAT Automation have integrated network ports, which can be easily connected to the Internet of Things. X series CPU comes standard with 1 RS232, 1 RS485 port, and 1 network port as standard. CanExpand 7 expansion modules and 1 BD board. Through the MCU+FPGA framework , the processing speed performance of the control system is greatly improved. In terms of high speed, it supports 4 channels of 200K high-speed counting input and 4 channels of 200K high-speed output. It is very suitable for packaging machine, automatic spot welding machine, paper cutter, burning machine, automatic bending machine, casing machine, tapping machine, etc.

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