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"2018 UniMAT Technology Exchange Conference Suzhou Station" ended successfully!

"2018 UniMAT Technology Exchange Conference Suzhou Station" ended successfully!

【Abstract】On August 24, 2018, Shenzhen UniMAT Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and high-quality partners successfully held a technical seminar around the HVAC industry in Suzhou.

In order to help users in Suzhou to have a deep understanding of UniMAT product features and application advantages, and to communicate with local users to understand market needs, the 2018 UniMAT Product Technology Exchange Conference was held by UniMAT Automation and Suzhou partners for many years on August 24, 2018. was held at the Platinum Hanjue Hotel in Suzhou.

More than 40 corporate representatives and technical engineers attended the meeting.

At this exchange meeting, Qian Zhuoru, the product manager of UniMAT Automation HMI, introduced the product system, characteristics and later product planning of UniMAT HMI at the current stage. UniMAT now mainly has UH300 and UH500 series HMIs, including 7-inch and 10-inch touch screens with and without Ethernet, with Uniface, a feature-rich configuration software independently developed by UniMAT, to provide customers with a better experience. Among them, the native ladder diagram function of UniMAT HMI supports adding ladder diagrams in Uniface software to continue logic control and data operations on variables, and corresponding external addresses or internal addresses with ladder diagram dedicated addresses for ladder diagram programming. This special function aroused great interest from the on-site users, who asked questions one after another, setting off the first wave of small climax at the venue.

Then, Ding Anjun, the pre-sales technical manager of UniMAT, shared the characteristics, advantages and practical application cases of UniMAT PLC products for local users. In particular, the unique UN120L economical PLC of UniMAT Automation is a small and cost-effective PLC launched by UniMAT Automation for the field of automation machinery and equipment. CPU124XPE is a customized product for the HVAC industry. It supports MODBUS-TCP master-slave communication protocol, supports 4 master/4 slave connections at the same time, supports 2 S7 slave station communication connections, and is convenient for networking.

Manager Ding also focused on the advantageous solutions of UniMATproducts in the HVAC and water treatment industries according to the local market demand. UniMAT's rich interface modules meet the networking requirements of the HVAC system and the monitoring requirements of the host computer. UniMAT HMI meets the requirements. Simple operation and diverse recording needs. UniMAT's rich product series, professional customized services, stable and accurate product quality, maximally meet the needs of the HVAC industry. The on-site manager Ding also gave professional answers to users' application questions one by one.

In order to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to come to the conference, the venue also prepared a small surprise for everyone. On the spot, we directly took the screens of UniMAT's new products CPU124XPE and UH300 as prizes, and there were waves of surprises.


UniMAT has been deeply engaged in the field of industrial automation for many years, and its products have gradually developed from the initial PLC to a wealth of automation products such as PLC, HMI, servo and inverter, which are more convenient and comprehensive for users. This exchange meeting not only allowed everyone to see UniMATAutomation's determination to insist on continuous innovation, but also strengthened users' confidence in UniMAT Automation products and services.

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