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Application in cement leakage board production line

Application in cement leakage board production line

With the development of modern and intelligent pig farming in China, more and more pig farms begin to use leaky floor, and all of them are European or American cement leaky board. Why? Because the production of cement leakage board in China mostly adopts manual or semi mechanical semi manual way, the quality is good and bad, and there is still a big gap compared with the cement leakage board in Europe and America *, and the quality of the leakage board will directly affect the quality of pig hoof hoof. So how to solve the problem of quality caused by manual work, but also greatly improve the production efficiency? Xiaobian today to introduce a solution system - billion-dimensional PLC control system.


01The fully mechanized production line of cement leaky seam slab realizes mechanized operation from concrete mixing, concrete distribution, vibration, pulping, surface treatment (polishing), overturn demoulding, on-line steam curing, finished product off-line, etc. The process adopts computer control technology.+


control object

The production line needs to control 2 inverters and 8 motors. Mainly control the opening, closing, stopping and running of field equipment.

The opening and closing of electric valves, the linkage of key equipment, and the automation of production process.


It is necessary to equip with panel control equipment, the emphasis is to maintain stable operation for a long time, so the product quality requirements are high.






PORT0: PPI protocol for communication between panels and CPU

PORT1:CPU and inverter communication MODBUS protocol

PLC programming


It has 14 digital input, 10 point digital output, and 3 modules can be extended.

The data can be saved for up to 10 years without battery support.

It has two communication interfaces, supporting PPI and free port communication protocol.

Communication program with transducer:

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