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Application in control system of casing machine

Application in control system of casing machine

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the principle and control system of automatic casing machine. The automatic foot control system is made up of UniMAT PLC system, touch screen and other low voltage components. UniMAT PLC system is stable, reliable, cost-effective, compatible with Siemens and other features, won the favor of the manufacturer of automatic legging machine and praise.


Key words: UniMAT PLC, pulse output, high speed count


First, an overview

Automatic pinning machine is a kind of mechanical equipment which automatically inserts the heat-shrinkable tube into the electronic components such as diode, color code inductance, resistance, magnetic bead, magnetic ring inductance, transistor, fuse and so on. After heating treatment, the heat-shrinkable tube shrinks in the electronic components. It plays a good protective role for electronic components, and is widely used in the electronic products industry.

The effect of component processing is shown in Figure 1 below.


Two. The working principle of automatic foot machine.


Electronic components such as resistance are loaded into the material transfer unit by the feeding stepper motor, the material transfer unit feeds the material into the eight-position sleeve working unit, and the heat-shrinkable pipe is conveyed by the feeding sleeve stepper motor of the same set length, then the sleeve is cut off by the cutting sleeve cylinder, and the sleeve clamping mechanism transfers the cut heat-shrinkable pipe. The electronic components of the corresponding work station enter the next work station and press down the heat-shrinkable pipe to the prescribed position through the downward pressure action of the downward pressure cylinder. Such a processing cycle is completed. Work flow is shown in Figure 2

Fig. 2 workflow


Three. Control principle of automatic casing machine

The control system of automatic socket machine is composed of UniMAT PLC system, touch screen, electromagnetic valve (driving cylinder) stepping driver, frequency converter, temperature control instrument, thermocouple, stepping motor, frequency conversion motor and other low voltage electrical components. Control process is shown in figure 3..











UN 214-1AD23-0XB0


EM223 8DI/8DO

UN 223-1BH22-0XA0


UniMAT CPU224 is highly compatible with SIEMENS CPU. Users can download and download programs on Step7 MicroWIN. The ontology has two serial ports, one of which is connected to the touch screen through PPI, and the other is standby. Users can debug the equipment through the standby serial port through the MicroWIN software monitoring program to facilitate debugging. This machine integrates 14DI/10DO, two high speed pulse output channels (Q0.0 and Q0.1), and the output frequency is as high as 20KHZ. The layout of UniMAT CPU224 is shown in figure 4..

2. Touch screen system

Users can set the corresponding parameters through the touch screen, such as the number of casing settings, casing length, blowing time, etc., can see the number of casing completion, can also start and stop equipment. When the equipment is abnormal, the alarm information is sent to the touch screen in time to remind operators to carry out emergency treatment. Touch screen monitor screen see figure 5.

3. Stepper motor control system

In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the feeding system and the consistency of the length of casing cutting, the stepper motor control system is introduced in this system. Its work flow is: CPU pulse output point Q0.0 and Q0.1 send a set amount of pulse to the stepper controller, the stepper controller drives the stepper motor. When the feeding mechanism gradually supplies material, the displacement error gradually accumulates. In order to eliminate errors, the brake detection switch is added to ensure accurate positioning of feeding. The MAP subroutine is used in the programming of the lower computer. The program fragment is shown in figure 6..

4. Encoder system


The angle of spindle motor is collected by encoder, and the working sequence is generated. According to process requirements, PLC controls digital output points to complete corresponding actions in different timing. The encoder's A/B/Z three output points are connected to the PLC I0.3/I0.4/I0.5 respectively. PLC high speed count selects HC4, the working mode is 10. The initialization of the high-speed counter is shown in Figure 7.

Four, concluding remarks

UniMAT PLC is used in the equipment of automatic legging machine. The commands of high count and pulse output are used to call the Siemens motion control library. There are no problems in debugging and running, showing high compatibility with Siemens PLC, and excellent performance stability. UniMAT PLC can completely replace Siemens products, ensuring the stability of the product while reducing the manufacturer's production costs.

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