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2018 Guangzhou SIAF Exhibition | UniMAT Automation shines

2018 Guangzhou SIAF Exhibition | UniMAT Automation shines

On March 4, 2018, the 2018 opening ceremony of the industrial control industry was grandly opened in Area A of the Pazhou Complex of the China Import and Export Fair.


In this exhibition, in addition to displaying the mature and advantageous products such as PLC, HMI and servo, which are independently developed and produced by UniMAT, UniMAT focuses more on introducing the overall solution of UniMAT to users. The flying shearing system and servo synchronization displayed on site Demonstration platforms such as installations and central air-conditioning systems attracted many users to stop and watch and communicate.

A large crowd of spectators came. . . . . . UniMAT welcomes you!

All demonstration systems are built on the basis of PLC, servo, HMI and other automation products independently developed and produced by UniMAT.

UN200 series PLC

UniMAT motion control CPU286 is a four-axis motion control PLC independently developed by UniMAT. It not only inherits the stable, reliable and easy-to-use characteristics of UN200 series PLC, but also adds powerful motion control functions: 4-axis 200KHz high-speed pulse output , Single-phase 200K high-speed counter, easy-to-use motion control library function, support point control, speed control, linear interpolation and circular interpolation.

UN200 series PLC, a perfect substitute for the same series products of an international famous brand, is your best choice.

US100 series servo system

US100 series servo system adopts the most advanced motor control algorithm to realize closed-loop servo control of current loop, speed loop and position loop. It has good self-adaptive ability and can cooperate with servo motors of various specifications. reaction applications. Stable performance, convenient wiring; automatic zero return function; internal multi-segment position function; digital port custom function.

UH300 series touch screen

UH300 series touch screen is an economical HMI launched by UniMAT, which is equipped with Uniface, a self-developed function-rich and easy-to-operate configuration software. Rich interface, convenient communication; high configuration, large storage; support native ladder diagram design, making logic control and data operation easier.

The excitement is still going on. For more details, please come to UniMAT booth ( 3.1-F01 ) to consult and understand!F

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