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Elites gather to discuss operation and control

Elites gather to discuss operation and control

The Pengcheng of Spring is a gathering of elites. The first season of 2019 China Motion Control Industry Alliance Elite Salon was held in the Chrysanthemum Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center recently. More than 30 elite representatives of China's motion control industry gathered together. Mr. Li Jiwei, general manager of UniMAT, attended this salon as one of the representatives. Share the current market situation of the motion control industry and talk about the new trends of the motion control industry.

During the interactive exchange in the salon, Mr. Li Jiwei, general manager of UniMAT Automation, shared UniMAT motion control products with more than 30 representatives of alliance companies. Affected by the overall economic environment, the downward pressure on the motion control industry has increased. In the face of many market challenges, UniMAT adheres to the concept of "being on top of quality, better than one's heart", and continues to provide customers with high-quality and stable products and perfect after-sales service.

During the whole meeting, all the elites in operation control jointly expressed the need for enterprises in the industry to strengthen self-discipline, get rid of vicious low-price competition, put more energy and resources on product technology research and development, quality control, and jointly maintain the benign and healthy of the industry. develop.

UniMAT Automation continues to upgrade and develop new products in the direction of motion control, hoping to provide a boost to China's motion control industry. UniMAT Automation has independently developed a complete set of motion control core equipment. Dedicated motion control PLC - UN286 provides four-axis motion controller, with UniMAT Servo US100 series, providing a complete solution for woodworking machinery, electronic equipment, ceramic machinery, plastic machinery and other industries.

UniMAT Servo launched a new product - US 133 high-power servo driver, the power range covers 3KW ~ 7.5KW; supports 2 analog inputs to control servo speed and torque respectively; supports multiple zero return methods for easier setting; supports multi-segment positions, arbitrary Set the position, speed, acceleration and deceleration time, and waiting time of the segment point.

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