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Industrial giants sanction Russia, don't wait for independent innovation!

Industrial giants sanction Russia, don't wait for independent innovation!

Recently, a military conflict broke out between Russia and Ukraine, and many companies in Europe and the United States have also stopped their sales to Russia, citing the Ukrainian war as an excuse. Many companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Intel, etc., announced to stop selling products and interrupt services in Russia.

Similarly, the Russian-Ukrainian war has also spread to the industrial sector. Recently, the German industrial automation giant Siemens said that it would suspend operations in Russia after Moscow's attack on Ukraine. The company, which makes and services trains, supplies software and industrial equipment, said it would "suspend all new business and international deliveries to Russia" as it assesses the impact of Western sanctions on the country over the past week.

As a big industrial country, my country still relies on foreign countries in some key equipment and core technology fields, which seriously restricts the development of our industry. General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "Key core technologies cannot be obtained, bought, or negotiated." Only by mastering key core technologies and realizing independent and controllable products can we firmly grasp the innovation initiative and development initiative of industrial enterprises. own hands. In the field of PLC, the domestic PLC market has been occupied by foreign manufacturers such as Siemens and Rockwell for a long time, and the penetration rate of domestic brands is only about 10%. The development and innovation of domestic PLC cannot wait for me!

In recent years, domestic PLC has developed rapidly. PLC manufacturing enterprises led by UniMAT Automation and other enterprises have successively seized part of the domestic PLC market through independent innovation, broke through related key technologies, and developed a series of products with independent intellectual property rights. Domestic PLC products are being Through continuous innovation and breakthroughs, we continue to rise.

In 2022, after years of precipitation of PLC technology, UniMAT Automation keeps up with market demand and independent research and development, and will launch a new small PLC product , so stay tuned!

In this Russia-Ukraine conflict, European and American countries and some technology giants participated in sanctions against Russia, involving industry, finance, technology, trade and other aspects. These sanctions not only pose challenges to Russia's financial security and technological security, but also have a huge impact on public life and social production activities. Under such a situation and background, China, as a big industrial country, must have its own core technologies and achieve a high level of self-reliance and self-improvement. Especially under the new situation, we must continue to shape our development advantages and continuously improve our competitiveness through innovation-driven.

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