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【Market Trends】The 2018 Iran Industrial Exhibition ended successfully

【Market Trends】The 2018 Iran Industrial Exhibition ended successfully

From October 13th to 16th, 2018, the 18th Tehran International Industrial Exhibition (IINEX 2018) was grandly held at the Tehran International Exhibition Center. After years of development, Iran Industrial Exhibition has become one of the most stable and influential industrial exhibitions in the Middle East. In order to actively respond to the national "One Belt, One Road" strategy and further increase the pace of "going out", UniMAT Automation once again set out to Iran.

The 18th Iran Industrial Exhibition held this year brought together many well-known enterprises in the global industrial field. The exhibits covered various industrial and workshop equipment, large and small industrial production lines, production line equipment, advanced industries, industrial automation, technical services and other fields , and gathered in Tehran . Share and exchange their achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

UniMAT made a wonderful appearance at this exhibition, not only showing Iranian users the high-cost PLC, HMI, servo and other series of industrial automation products independently developed and produced, but also letting users know that UniMAT Automation is also an overall solution provider.

Among the many products, the unique CPU124XPE of UniMAT Automation has attracted much attention. The CPU body comes with 4AI/2AO, and integrates the Ethernet interface, supports MODBUS-TCP master-slave communication protocol, supports 4 master/4 slave simultaneous connections, supports 2 S7 slave station communication connection, networking is very convenient.

UniMAT HMI is also a star product at the venue, including 7-inch and 10-inch with Ethernet and without Ethernet, with Uniface, a feature-rich configuration software independently developed by UniMAT , to provide customers with a better experience. The native ladder diagram function of UniMAT HMI supports adding ladder diagrams in Uniface software to continue logic control and data operations on variables, and corresponding external addresses or internal addresses with special ladder diagram addresses to carry out ladder diagram programming. This special The function aroused great interest from the live audience.

During the 4-day exhibition, there was an endless stream of users who stopped to visit and consult in front of UniMAT Automation booth. Through communication, let users who do not know UniMAT understand UniMAT, and make users who know UniMAT more confident in UniMAT. UniMAT Automation's rich product series, professional customized services, stable and accurate product quality, and more comprehensive and convenient services for you.

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