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[2019 Industrial Fair] Edimensional Internet of Things ignites the first day of the Industrial Fair

[2019 Industrial Fair] Edimensional Internet of Things ignites the first day of the Industrial Fair

The arrival of the 5G era has accelerated the development of the Industrial Internet of Things. UniMAT Automation has already laid out, just waiting for the east wind. On the first day of this industry fair, UniMAT's IoT products and solutions attracted much attention as soon as they were unveiled, igniting the enthusiasm of the vast number of UniMAT fans.

The Internet of Things solutions for the two industries of HVAC and constant pressure water supply demonstrated at the exhibition site. Users can experience functions such as remote upload and download of programs, cloud configuration, and historical data query through their mobile phones.

The HVAC system adopts UniMAT's Internet of Things screen with UniMAT's PLC and inverter to collect remote data from users, and realize functions such as remote monitoring and real-time push of alarm information.

UniMAT IoT screen supports remote uploading and downloading of device programs, timely push of fault information on multiple platforms, mobile phone and web page can check the screen operation status anytime, anywhere, historical data is automatically uploaded and saved to the server, and MQTT is used to upload data to save traffic. It can independently configure the traffic cards of the three major operators to optimize the networking mode.



The constant pressure water supply system adopts UniMAT's Internet of Things gateway and UniMAT's HMI, PLC, and frequency converter to realize unified remote monitoring of discrete data of the control system.

UBox can collect related equipment data by connecting UniMAT PLC, HMI, inverter and some instrumentation equipment, realize Internet connection through wired broadband, WIFI, 4G, and transmit device data to UniMAT cloud platform, with various transmission methods (MQTT/ HTTP/OPC).

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