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The world of the Internet of Things connects you and me - UniMAT Automation East China Technology Exchange Conference was successfully held

The world of the Internet of Things connects you and me - UniMAT Automation East China Technology Exchange Conference was successfully held

On September 17th and September 20th, 2020, UniMAT Automation's new product technology exchange conferences with the theme of "The World of Things Linking You and Me" were held in Shanghai and Wuxi respectively. The venues were respectively located in Shanghai Hongqiao Greenland Primus The hotel and Wuxi Software Park 3W Coffee attracted new and old customers from East China to actively participate in this exchange meeting. The meeting was well received, and many customers placed orders on the spot.

This technical exchange meeting aims to solve the confusion of customers in the use of Internet of Things products through on-site face-to-face communication, and at the same time bring you a new experience of the company's latest all-in-one machine and X series PLC. Let’s talk about friendship with all new and old friends, seek cooperation, seek common development, build a new business model, and jointly improve our competitive advantage!

At the beginning of the meeting, the host introduced the 15-year development history of UniMAT in industrial automation to the guests, so that the guests could have a deeper understanding of UniMAT and UniMAT 's products.

Then Mr. Zhao, the director of the Internet of Things, introduced the characteristics and advantages of the products and cloud platforms of the Internet of Things, the overall solutions of the Internet of Things and the related application cases of the Internet of Things to the guests. In order to better serve the development and upgrading of automation enterprises, UniMAT 's industrial Internet solutions can effectively provide customers with high-quality overall industrial Internet solutions and help enterprises to upgrade their products at a premium. In addition, UniMAT also regards the industrial Internet as the company's strategic development direction, and will continue to update and upgrade products in the future, so that customers can experience more and better UniMAT industrial Internet products and services.

Next, the company's technical support manager Ding introduced the features and related application scenarios of these two new products to the guests for the X series PLC and all-in-one machine launched by Evidence. Manager Ding has more than ten years of first-line experience in the automation industry, and shared a lot of application environments and usage skills on the automation scene. Among them, X series PLC has been widely used in the field of motion control, such as packaging machinery, food machinery, electronic manufacturing and other industries. All-in-one PCs provide a premium solution for small devices.

At the end of the meeting, UniMAT Automation showed the greatest sincerity to give back to customers, and launched a variety of special products for a limited time on the spot. The products cover UniMAT 's main industrial automation products, including PLC 99 yuan/unit, HMI 199 yuan/unit, all-in-one machine 299 yuan/unit , IoT UBOX 399 yuan/unit, IoT screen 499 yuan/unit. Such a substantial offer received a positive response from the guests, and the special products were sold out one after another.

In addition to the wonderful product sharing session, a number of lucky draw sessions were added during the event. UniMAT prepared exquisite prizes for customers who participated in the event, including exquisite U disk, power bank, UBox and other prizes to thank you for your support.

UniMAT has been deeply involved in the field of industrial automation for many years, and its products cover a complete set of automation products such as PLC, HMI, servo and industrial Internet. This exchange meeting not only allowed everyone to see UniMAT Automation's determination to insist on continuous innovation, but also strengthened users' confidence in UniMAT Automation products and services.

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