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UniMAT Automation Iran Industrial Exhibition is full of rewards!

UniMAT Automation Iran Industrial Exhibition is full of rewards!

The 17th Iran International Industrial Expo in 2017 ended successfully on October 8, and UniMAT Automation's trip to Iran was also rewarded.

Iran Tehran International Industrial Exhibition (TIIE) has been held since 2000. After more than 10 years of development, it has formed a considerable scale and has a very large influence. UniMAT Automation has participated in the Iran Industrial Exhibition for two consecutive years. UniMAT brand and UniMAT products are well known and recognized by local customers.

At this exhibition, UniMAT not only showed customers very mature and cost-effective PLC, HMI, servo and other industrial control products, but also let customers know the solutions of UniMAT products in various industries. Among the products brought, UniMAT Automation US100 series servo can be described as a star product. This series of servo products has the characteristics of convenient wiring, simple debugging and quick response, and customers have shown strong interest.

Through in-depth communication and exchanges with new and old customers at the exhibition, the confidence of customers in UniMAT has been strengthened, and UniMAT has also obtained many good suggestions. UniMAT Automation will continue to make unremitting efforts to bring better products and services to customers at home and abroad!

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