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UniMAT Internet of Things economical gateway UBox new product launch

UniMAT Internet of Things economical gateway UBox new product launch

UBOX is a data acquisition terminal product in the overall solution of UniMAT Industrial Internet of Things. It is used to connect PLCs, inverters and instruments and other equipment, realize networking through WAN, WIFI, and 4G, and transmit device data to UniMAT cloud platform.

In response to the needs of customers in the market for economical gateways, UniMAT has developed new economical gateways Ubox-4G-VPN and Ubox-4G-DATA based on standard gateways to meet more market demands.

  • Using advanced ARM Cortex-A8 processor, the main frequency is 600MHz

  • Support Ethernet port to connect router or switch, connect PC to upload and download

  • Support 4G wireless network, can monitor the screen remotely, upload and download programs remotely, support client settings, support web settings, support APP settings, support message push, etc.

  • Integrated RS485/RS232 communication port, supports multiple communication protocols

  • Supports wide voltage 10~28VDC input, can start at low voltage, can be configured in commercial environment, used in smart buildings, etc.

  • Data support for long-term power-off retention, no battery support required

  • Unique AES iterative encryption algorithm to protect user intellectual property

  • Support UniMAT Internet of Things remote client


Product number

  1. Ubox-4G-DATA - only supports remote data monitoring, does not support VPN transparent transmission download;

  2. Ubox-4G-VPN - only supports VPN transparent transmission download, does not support remote data monitoring.



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