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Application in the sample weaving machine control system

Application in the sample weaving machine control system



Textile industry as a characteristic industry in China is also a pillar industry, but also a characteristic industrial chain in Jiangsu Province, the market share of textile machinery and its importance can not be ignored. Jiangyin Tongyuan Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is the earliest enterprise in China to develop and produce textile sampling equipment with the most complete varieties and specifications. It is also the drafting unit of national standards for sample warping machine, single yarn sizing machine and automatic rapier loom. Founded in 2005, the company mainly produces sample weaving machine series, accounting for 70% of the domestic market share of the only five manufacturers, annual sales of about 50 million


2.System overview

The machine is built with UniMAT 200 series products, and has rich I/O modules in hundreds of millions of dimensions: the I/O module in this project is from DI/DO to AI/AO, with the input and output of DC24V and AC220V, various analog standard signals (4-20MA), couples, resistance signal modules, etc. It has strong compatibility and interchangeability, greatly reducing the development of developers. Investment cost



3. system configuration

(1)214-1AD23-0XA8 1.

(2) 223-1BF22-0XB8 1.

(3) 222-1BF22-0XB8 3.

(4) 231-0HC22-0XB8 1.

(5) 223-1HF22-0XB8 1.

The upper computer is the DELL business machine, and the monitoring software is designed and developed by itself.

At present, the company has formed a long-term strategic partnership with UniMAT, the annual output of about 100 sets of equipment, all equipment control systems are using UniMAT brand, during which no product problems occurred.

4.Application effect

The control system of UniMAT series products has strong stability, and can work normally in all kinds of interference environment. The control precision and speed can meet the application design requirements, which not only saves the cost, but also guarantees the quality.

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