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[Case sharing] Application of UniMAT SMART PLC in low-pressure boiler!

[Case sharing] Application of UniMAT SMART PLC in low-pressure boiler!

01 background

With the development of the power industry, some cities with sufficient power have put forward higher requirements for environmental protection, which has prompted the rapid development of the boiler industry, and the boiler industry has rapidly developed from traditional technology to modern technology.

02Equipment technology

By adding a strong electrolyte to the water and passing a strong current for ionization, the ions ionized by the strong electrolyte will combine with water molecules to form hydrated ions. This process is exothermic, and the heat is used to heat the water to achieve the purpose of boiler heating.

03HMI screen

04 Configuration scheme

name order number quantity
CPU SR40 UN 228-1SR40-0AA0 1
EM AM03 UN 288-3AM03-0AA0 1
UH307E UH307-2EU01-0AA0 1

05Product advantages

Edimensional SMART PLC PID precisely controls the temperature, is highly compatible with Siemens smart, and is fully compatible with Siemens hardware and software. The program does not need to be modified, and it can be used immediately after downloading, which not only ensures the stability of customers' products, but also reduces costs.


06 Summary

With the continuous development of the world economy, my country's traditional industries also need continuous development and progress, as well as advanced concepts and technologies. With automation, product changes can be better realized.

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