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Mr. Li Jiwei, general manager of UniMAT, accepted an exclusive interview with China Gongkong!

Mr. Li Jiwei, general manager of UniMAT, accepted an exclusive interview with China Gongkong!

Not long ago, UniMAT won two heavyweight awards, "Development Breakthrough Award" and "Demonstration Project Award" in the 14th Industrial Control Annual Automation Selection. General Manager Li Jiwei also became a very bright guest at the awards ceremony.
On the day of the award, General Manager Li Jiwei also took the time to accept an exclusive interview with China Gongkong.
Listen to what he has to say.


 UniMAT focuses on the core control field of industrial automation, and has been adhering to the road of independent research and development since its establishment. R&D personnel exceed 35% of the company's total, and the company spends more than 10% of its sales on research and development every year. The 120 series, 200 series small PLC and 300 series medium PLC products independently researched and developed by the company are widely used in the automation control system of automobile, electric power, environmental protection, water treatment, transportation, chemical industry and other industries. In 2015, the company successively launched inverter, servo, HMI and other products, comprehensively enriched the product line, and provided customers with overall solutions for automation control. In the future, UniMAT will still be committed to becoming a leading product and service provider in the field of industrial automation, innovating independently, pursuing quality, creating a first-class brand, leading the frontier of industry development, and making automated production to a higher level smart and smart.

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