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Speaking with strength, UniMAT shines brightly and won two industrial control awards

Speaking with strength, UniMAT shines brightly and won two industrial control awards

Recently, in the 14th annual automation selection activity of Industrial Control, UniMAT stood out from many first-line brands after comprehensive evaluation by user expert jury, network users and industrial control, and won two "Development Breakthrough Award" and "Demonstration Project Award". Industrial Control Awards.

China Gongkong® has always adhered to the spirit of fairness and justice in previous selections, and the authoritative and rigorous evaluation has always been consistent. Therefore, "Industrial Control® Automation Annual Selection" can be regarded as a benchmark in the media field of China's industrial control and automation industry, and the selection results have also become a chronicle recognized by the industry.
It is reported that the "Development Breakthrough Award" is mainly aimed at companies that have made major breakthroughs in the process of business development in 2015. UniMAT stood out from many participating first-line brands, and finally won the general recognition of expert judges and network users. This award fully demonstrates UniMAT's strong comprehensive strength and leading position in the industrial control industry, which is well deserved.

In addition, "the application of UniMATPLC on non-woven slitting machine" also won the demonstration project award and was highly praised by experts: the tension control of rewinding and unwinding well met the process requirements, and it was a domestic PLC product with excellent performance. Performance.

UniMAT focuses on the core control field of industrial automation. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the road of independent research and development. R&D personnel exceed 35% of the company's total, and the company spends more than 10% of its sales on research and development every year. The company independently developed and launched UN200 series, UN120 series small PLC, UN300 series medium PLC. Products are widely used in new energy, environmental protection, electric power, aviation, automobile, chemical industry, robotics, packaging machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, textile machinery and other industries. in the automatic control system. In recent years, the company has successively launched inverter, servo, HMI and other products, comprehensively enriching the product line, and providing customers with overall solutions for automation control. In the future, UniMAT will still be committed to becoming a leading product and service provider in the field of industrial automation, innovating independently, striving for quality, building a first-class brand, leading the development of the industry, and bringing automated production to a higher level. clever.

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