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Remember the "free travel" of UniMAT people

Remember the "free travel" of UniMAT people

 In July, the children started their happy summer vacation, and UniMAT people were also eager to try it out. This time of year is the season for UniMAT people to travel. We maintain our childlike innocence, not afraid of being tired, not afraid of long journeys, not afraid of getting tanned, as long as we can play well and relax. The way to travel this year is for the group to travel freely. Let's see where our little friends have gone? Enjoying Guilin's landscapes, playing passionate rafting, riding horses on the grasslands, watching Huangguoshu Waterfall, swimming in the ocean world, and visiting and eating seafood groups... each has its own way of playing.

Group 1: Enjoy Guilin Landscape

"Guilin's landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo's landscape is the best in Guilin, and Yangshuo is the most beautiful in Xingping". Xingping Li River is one of the 15 most beautiful rivers in the world, and it is also the place where the background picture of 20 yuan is taken.

Did you involuntarily take out a piece of 20 yuan and compare it, does it look like it?

The little friends were originally going to enjoy the beauty of the Lijiang River in the mist and rain, but they turned to Guilin to see the sea (could it be that the rain god is coming), but they still had a great time.

Group 2: Play Passion Rafting

Hot summer and passionate rafting are more suitable. Qingyuan is known as the hometown of rafting, and Huangteng Gorge rafting is the king of rafting in Qingyuan. The rafting process not only feels like a warrior driving a speedboat, but also enjoys the comfort of watching the scenery in Qingliang Mountain. In the evening, go to the Yinzhan Hot Spring of "Tiannan First Spring" to relieve the fatigue of the day, and instantly feel that life is not too beautiful.

The third group: Bashang grassland riding horses and swinging whips

When it comes to grassland, I immediately think of Inner Mongolia (like the editor, silently raising his hand). Bashang grassland, the editor heard it for the first time anyway, so I quickly asked Du Niang. Bashang Grassland is mainly located in Hebei Province. It has a temperate monsoon climate with long winters and no heat in summer. The average temperature in July is 24 degrees Celsius. It is really a good place to escape the summer.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, without further ado, let's come over with a roasted whole sheep to reward everyone who has been exhausted by boat and car.

You can smell the roasted whole lamb through the screen...

(In the recent weather, the editor suddenly felt that I was short of a pinch of cumin with this roasted whole lamb... Everyone pay attention to the summer heat)

Feel free to feel the vastness of the grassland. When you go to such a place, will you still be troubled by the trivial things in life?

Today, I will share it with you here first, and there will be a sequel.

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