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Adversity sees true love, quality continues friendship

Adversity sees true love, quality continues friendship

First of all, warmly welcome Minister Wang of the Equipment Power Department of Handan Iron and Steel Group to visit UniMAT for a visit and exchange!

Friends who follow us should all know that the story of UniMAT and Handan Iron and Steel began in a flood. At that time, the Handan area was hit by heavy rain, which flooded the production line of a cold rolling plant of Handan Iron and Steel, and more than 100 Siemens PLC modules were damaged by water. Due to the long cycle of Siemens spare parts, it could not meet the needs of resumption of production. At this time, the leaders of Handan Iron and Steel thought of UniMAT . After receiving the help, UniMAT urgently transported the required products to Handan by air, which ensured that the cold rolling mill could resume production in the shortest time. Up to now, the UniMAT UniMAT PLC module has been running stably without any problems. Minister Wang spoke highly of it.

It is precisely because of the high-quality products and services of UniMAT UniMAT that the story of UniMAT and Handan Steel has continued.   

Minister Wang's trip mainly came to Shenzhen to conduct on-the-spot investigation on the impression of UniMAT . Under the leadership of Mr. Li Jiwei, general manager of UniMAT Automation, Minister Wang visited UniMAT's automated production line, the R&D center and testing center of Shenzhen headquarters, and greatly appreciated UniMAT's R&D capabilities and quality control. The high quality, good service and fine management of UniMAT Automation left a deep impression on Minister Wang, and strengthened the confidence to cooperate with UniMAT .

At present, Siemens PLC is being updated, and the price of Siemens S7-200 and S7-300 PLC in the market is rising very fast. Minister Wang said that the annual consumption of Handan Iron and Steel Group PLC is very large, and the price of Siemens PLC has risen to Handan Iron and Steel Group. Bringing huge pressure, if the full use of UniMAT products can greatly reduce the operating costs of Handan Iron and Steel while ensuring quality, and UniMAT 's intimate service can better ensure Handan Steel's ability to respond in emergency situations, and Minister Wang Personally, I support the national brand very much and hope that the national brand will become bigger and stronger, so I will try my best to promote the long-term cooperation between Handan Iron and Steel and UniMAT!

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