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UniMAT Internet of Things product promotion meeting was a complete success

UniMAT Internet of Things product promotion meeting was a complete success

On the afternoon of December 20th, the UniMAT Internet of Things product promotion meeting held in Guangzhou Kerhaiyue Hotel was a complete success. More than 60 new and old users took the time to attend. In addition to Guangzhou locals, there were also people who came from Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other places, and the seats were full. Everyone's enthusiasm is like the warm weather in Guangdong in December.

The meeting mainly focused on the characteristics and advantages of UniMAT Internet of Things products and cloud platforms, the overall solution of UniMAT Internet of Things, UniMAT cases and how to meet customer needs.

UniMAT IoT hardware products currently include IoT HMI and IoT gateway UBox. IoT PLC is also under planning and will meet you soon. UniMAT UBox can remotely upload and download PLC programs through serial port or network port, real-time data monitoring, data transmission after power failure, cloud configuration monitoring through mobile phone or PC terminal, alarm information push through WeChat SMS or APP, various transmission methods , traffic warning and recharge. In the process of explaining, the old customers who are already using UniMAT Internet of Things products nodded in approval from time to time, and the new customers who have not known about UniMAT Internet of Things products took notes quickly, and everyone was very serious.

Anyone who knows UniMAT knows that after more than 10 years of development, UniMAT's products have grown from a single PLC to now include PLC, HMI, all-in-one, servo and industrial Internet of Things systems, which can provide users with a very complete and economical overall solution. The solution, including later maintenance, is also very convenient and worry-free. Mr. Zhao shared with you a number of cases such as edible mushroom greenhouses, HVAC, water purification equipment, and mine hoists. The combination of the Internet of Things and the screen makes data and alarm uploading simple, and the cloud configuration on the web page compares various states intuitively. , One-click query of historical faults, etc., which greatly improves management efficiency and reduces operation and maintenance costs.In terms of how to meet customer needs, Mr. Zhao mentioned a few points: For equipment manufacturers and system integrators that need equipment operation and maintenance, we can not only achieve remote monitoring, program debugging, fault alarm and other conventional functions, but also in the later stage of equipment. More efforts have been made in life cycle management. The second point is to achieve low-cost access through the combination of HMI and gateway or PLC and gateway. In addition, there are platform deployment and secondary development, etc. Every detail adheres to customer demand-oriented and brings real value to customers.

In the interactive session, everyone was very enthusiastic. When our product manager threw a question for everyone to answer, and heard that the prize was our latest IoT screen and gateway, everyone raised their hands and rushed to answer the question. It seems that everyone listened carefully and remembered the main points. It is with the active participation of everyone that we can push our meeting to a climax one after another. It was not until the beautiful host announced the end of the meeting that everyone left without a word.

Thanks again to all new and old users for coming to the conference. This conference is the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. UniMAT Automation's 2020 Internet of Things Product National Tour Promotion Conference is being planned, so stay tuned.

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