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Write articles, shoot videos, win prizes - collect UniMAT PLC product cases

Write articles, shoot videos, win prizes - collect UniMAT PLC product cases

In order to thank the majority of users for their concern and support for UniMAT products, to promote technical exchanges, and to understand the latest industry introductions, from this month, UniMAT Automation has launched the "Application Cases, Video Short Films" award-winning activity, and sincerely expects the majority of users to actively participate in submissions.

Express your friendship with UniMAT products from your unique perspective, record wonderful moments, actively participate, and share your application and successful experience with everyone! All submissions that meet the requirements of the call for papers will be presented with exquisite gifts, and the authors of excellent articles will receive fashion awards such as iPad2. Once accepted, the manuscript will be published on our website and related industry websites and magazines.

Call for Papers:

1. Call for papers: July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011

2. Originality of the paper: The paper must be authentic and not published in an official journal.
3. Dissertation

●The first one is the application case

In order to harmonize the format, application case submissions must include the following:

(1) Title: concise, focused, relevant content, and clear application background;

(2) Process description, system and functional requirements (including project priorities and difficulties)
(3) UniMAT solution (provide the system structure diagram of the solution, related product pictures and function descriptions)
(4) Application summary (the benefits brought to the client after the implementation of the plan)
(5) The number of words in the manuscript is more than 2000 words, with pictures and texts. Submissions are in electronic document format; if the diagrams are in English, please try to translate them into Chinese. Letters in foreign languages ​​are case-sensitive, physical quantities are indicated in italics, and the units of measurement in the text and charts should use the unified standards and unit symbols published by the state; provide necessary reference materials and mark them in the upper corner of the text;
●The second is the application case of video shooting, the time is not less than 2 minutes, the video should be clear, and there should be voice or text instructions.

4. Provide author information: name, telephone, E-mail, address, unit, position.
5. Delivery method: E-mail to with the title "UniMAT PLC Product Award Essay Contest".

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