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UniMAT debuted at Zhengzhou Industrial Equipment Expo in August

UniMAT debuted at Zhengzhou Industrial Equipment Expo in August

From August 17th to 19th, the 7th China Zhengzhou Industrial Equipment Expo was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As an industry-leading supplier of PLC products and solutions, UniMAT also joined hands with agents to make a grand appearance at this exhibition.

Zhengzhou is located in the hinterland of China, between Kyushu. It is a megacity and a major economic center in the central region. Its metallurgy, building materials, food, textile, coal, energy and other industries are also very advantageous. UniMAT has been paying attention to the Zhengzhou market. Over the years, UniMAT PLC has cooperated with many industrial manufacturers and automation equipment suppliers in Zhengzhou. UniMAT PLC continues to contribute to the development of the Central Plains industry. Even more commendable is UniMAT PLC, which has gradually become popular due to its high quality and high cost performance.

In fact, UniMAT not only participated in the Zhengzhou Industrial Automation Exhibition in March this year, but also appeared in the Zhengzhou Industrial Equipment Exhibition in August. In the slump of the automation industry this year, as the support of various automation manufacturers for the exhibition continues to decrease, UniMAT continuously participates in the same exhibition area, which not only expresses UniMAT's confidence in the Zhengzhou market, but also expresses UniMAT's confidence in the Zhengzhou market . It reflects UniMAT's trust in Zhengzhou market. Believe. Support for UniMAT PLC industry customers. Industry advantages of UniMAT PLC products. It is the affirmation of UniMAT by the majority of users that makes UniMAT continue to increase investment in the Zhengzhou market.

In this exhibition, UniMAT not only displayed the UN200 series CPU, UN200 expansion module and UN300 expansion module suitable for mainstream applications, but also specially exhibited UniMAT's newly launched EM277 PROFIBUS-DP communication module, IM260 PROFIBUS-DP interface module and three-phase AC power supply. power supply. and leak monitoring modules.

EM277 PROFIBUS-DP communication module is an intelligent module that perfectly supports S7-200 and 300CPU with DP master. Up to 99 DP slaves can be connected. Its high quality and high cost performance will definitely attract the yearning of many industry customers; IM260 PROFIBUS-DP is a special interface module launched by UniMAT, which can connect S7-200 module to PROFIBUS-DP network (ie IM277 is connected to S7 through serial port). -200 modules) I/O bus. ), the PROFIBUS network is connected to the IM260 module through its DP communication port.

Three-phase AC and leakage monitoring module is another scientific and technological achievement of UniMAT PLC. It can be used to measure single-phase AC or three-phase AC voltage and current, and has a leakage resistance measurement function and two additional DC voltage measurement functions. With the calculation and control of the CPU module, it can realize functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, leakage, and three-phase unbalance protection; it can monitor the insulation resistance of the power grid; it has the function of zero-sequence voltage and zero-sequence current acquisition. There will be a large market for mining, energy and various industries using three-phase AC monitoring.

This exhibition has attracted the participation of many Zhongyuan industry insiders. Many professional visitors stopped in front of the UniMAT booth to observe and consult product information in detail. Many new and old customers said that UniMAT has developed very rapidly in recent years, and the high-quality products and considerate services have made everyone feel the power of the Chinese industrial control brand.

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