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UN 260 interface module in special film production

UN 260 interface module in special film production

ABSTRACT: Special film production equipment and its auxiliary equipment are scattered and have many control points, and the main control cabinet is usually far away from the field equipment. If the traditional control method is adopted, the system cost will be high, and a large number of control and connection cables will be needed. It is difficult to wiring, low precision and easy to be disturbed by external electromagnetic interference. The interface module of CPU313C-2DP+Uygur UN 260 Profibus is proposed. The results show that this control scheme can effectively reduce the system cost, reduce the project installation and commissioning cycle, improve the operation accuracy and efficiency of the equipment, and reduce various external signals (operation buttons, sensors, etc.) to the control cabinet due to poor wiring. Faults caused by these factors have reduced the equipment failure rate, increased production output and achieved higher economic benefits.



Keywords: interface module UN 260 Profibus_DP remote I/O low cost high speed field device monitoring


1. System overview:


Special film production equipment is composed of high precision screw extruder (more than 30 PID temperature control zones, pressure control, etc.), traction, stretching (heating control), finalization (heating control), winding and related auxiliary equipment. Due to the particularity of production process, the requirements for the operation accuracy and stability of equipment are very harsh. . The whole production equipment is more than 60 meters long and about 2 meters wide, and it needs a lot of auxiliary equipment - - water treatment, heat conduction oil heating, air compressor and so on.

1: High precision screw extruder of main equipment is mainly temperature and pressure control. Because the field equipment is far away from the control cabinet, up to 30 channels of thermocouple temperature measurement signal, 6 channels of pressure signal, plus the field operation button signal, etc., if the traditional method is used to connect the signal line to the temperature measurement of the sensor to the control cabinet And analog data acquisition module has many disadvantages.

A: material, cable, installation, installation and commissioning costs are very large, one-time investment is large, is not conducive to secondary development, the system price is relatively low;

B: the signal is easily interfered by the external high frequency signal such as frequency conversion servo motor and so on.

C: the sensor signal line is far away from the control cabinet, all kinds of signals in the transmission process have a certain loss, resulting in the final measurement results are not accurate, low reliability.

The following is the host interface monitoring screen:

1) main screen

2: the traction part is controlled by frequency converter and motor, mainly for speed control.

3: stretching and shaping are mainly composed of transmission and electric heating control.

4: the winding part;

Two: project application configuration:

1: MT8100IH 10 inch industrial touch screen

Function: process parameter setting and monitoring of production line.


Functions: logic control, data processing and communication.

3:UniMAT CPU 226

Function: Mainly realize that the auxiliary equipment can still pass through the intelligent slave station (UniMAT CPU 226 + EM277) when the main station CPU fails.

It controls.

4:UniMAT IM260 PROFIBUS DP remote IO communication interface module

Functions: Using this interface module to realize high-speed and high-precision acquisition of field equipment signals, send them to the main station CPU, and respond to the main station CPU pair

The output control of field executor and so on;

5:UniMAT UN231-PL22 high density thermocouple temperature measurement module

Function: collect site temperature signal through IM260 communication interface module to master station CPU.

6:UniMAT UN 221-1BL22 high density digital input module

Function: collect on-the-spot operation button, proximity switch, photoelectric switch and other switch signals.

7:UniMAT UN231-0HC22 Analog Input Module (This Module has strong anti-jamming capability, supports gain-free correction, and uses poles

Its convenience)

Function: collect 4-20mA pressure signal and infrared temperature sensor signal

8:UniMAT CPU 226 UniMAT UN223-1PL22 digital input and output module, UniMAT UN222-1HF22 number

Word Output Module, UniMAT UN221-1BF22, Digital Input Module, UniMAT UN235-0KD22 Analog Input and Transmission


Output module

Function: mainly responsible for control of pumps and valves of water treatment equipment.

The PROFIBUS-DP interface module (IM260) has the following characteristics:

Support S7-300 and S7-400 PLC with DP master function.

RS-485 communication baud rate from 9.6Kbs to 12Mbs adaptive

Maximum support for connecting 99 DP slave functions

The RS-485 terminal adopts photoelectric isolation technology with over current protection.

The power supply has reverse connection protection and surge absorption function.

1: Siemens S7-300 CPU 315-2DP as the master station, IM260 interface module as the slave station, just need to import the module GSD file into step 7 Programming software, configuration programming is very simple and convenient.

2: Profibus_DP interface module IM260 can be extended up to 7 digital analog I0 extension modules, which can be extended with the high cost of 100 million-dimensional UN200 series PLC module, can also be extended with Siemens S7200 module, can also be mixed cross-use.


3): the actual use of the map:

Three: concluding remarks


This film production line uses Siemens S7-300 PLC which is stable and reliable as the main station. Various signal acquisitions are carried out through the series expansion modules of IM260 profibus+UN200. The function of this project is completely equivalent to S7300 PLC+ET200(x), but the price is much lower than S7300 PLC+ET200. It is very effective to reduce the cost and reduce the cost. With less installation and debugging time, the signal is stable and accurate, because the Uyghur UN260 Profibus network interface module has a strong expansibility, which provides convenience for the upgrade and transformation of equipment in the future, and has a high cost performance.


The commissioning of the equipment has been running steadily until now, and there has not been any problems.

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