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[Technology Classroom] UniMAT Internet of Things Application Course (12) - Internet of Things Frequently Asked Questions

[Technology Classroom] UniMAT Internet of Things Application Course (12) - Internet of Things Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help UniMAT customers use IoT products more conveniently, a series of articles on Internet of Things application courses are launched. The articles will comprehensively introduce the software and hardware, operation methods, related configurations, typical applications, common problems and other knowledge of UniMAT IoT. After reading the full text, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the Internet of Things, and achieve more with less for the application of the Internet of Things.

In this issue, we bring you the FAQ of UniMAT Internet of Things


1. Find the problem that UBox cannot access the Internet


This program uses a computer, and directly connects the computer and Ubox through a network cable. Query the operation of IoT devices through the computer, and provide reference for solving problems.


01 Device connection


Right-click on the Uniface shortcut and select the file location. Or enter the installation root directory yourself.

Select tvnviewer.exe to run.

Enter the actual IP of the device in IP (make sure that the IPV4 of the computer and the IP of the device are in the same network segment), and then click connect to connect the device.

02 open device command


Enter the device interface, which is the same as the HMI operation.

First, press and hold the upper left corner, which is the ① part, for 5 seconds. The property setting interface will pop up. Select System Settings. Enter the system setting interface. Select the network mode selection interface, and click the small arrow circled on the screen to enter the configuration network settings interface.

03 Command execution



Enter the detection interface, you can select various commands at ①, click the ② command after selection, there will be a short-term freeze after clicking the command, which is a normal situation when the device is executing the command.

04Recommended detection and problem analysis


It is recommended that if it is 4G card mode:

①In the screen of network selection mode, confirm that the network mode is 4G.   

②Select  the 4G network card driver. If the display is as follows, it means that it is normal. If not, please contact the technology to reinstall the 4G module, or replace it with a new one.   

③Choose to identify SIM card. If a string of text and OK are displayed, it means the 4G card is recognized. If it is displayed as ERROR, it means that the 4G card is not recognized. At this time, please check whether the 4G card is installed properly.   

④Select     4G signal strength. Range+CSQ 9,99~31,99. The signal before the comma indicates the signal, 31 indicates the best signal, and 9 indicates the worst. please make sure

⑤Select ping server. If the device can ping, it means that there is no problem with the device accessing the Internet. If you ping different servers, make sure that ①-④ are normal. The device may ask that a certain process is not started. Please contact technical support or R&D.   

2. Recharge Instructions

In order to facilitate the use of customers, let users control their own traffic usage in real time, and recharge traffic, phone calls and text messages according to the actual situation. Launched personal recharge service. Due to the settlement of mobile operators at the beginning of the month and the end of the month, the traffic query may be inaccurate.


01 Traffic recharge

The data card will be cancelled after three months of downtime, please recharge before cancellation.

For the old version 1.0 device, you need to add the traffic card to bind the 20-digit SN code on the back of the card, and the new version 2.0 device will automatically bind. Platform recharge temporarily only supports Alipay.

02Device SMS and phone recharge

Text messages and phone calls are the second push methods. Unlike WeChat official accounts and APPs, you need to pay in advance to use them.

3. Virtual network card



If it prompts that the transparent transmission fails, or the VPN fails to be enabled, please check whether the virtual network card is installed correctly.

Open the device manager to see if there is a virtual network card with the word TAP.

Or open the network connection of the computer to check whether there is a TAP network card. If there is any other virtual network card, please disable it.

If there is no TAP virtual network card, open the Anyaccess installation directory, find the iphelper file, and run it as an administrator.

A. Open the PLC /HMI programming software, manually input the actual IP address of the PLC or HMI, and download it according to the direct connection to the PLC/HMI download method. 



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