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The Mechanical and Electrical Research Institute of the Ministry of Water Resources visited our company for research

The Mechanical and Electrical Research Institute of the Ministry of Water Resources visited our company for research

On the morning of April 15, 2019, the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the Ministry of Water Resources came to our company to conduct research on domestic PLCs. First, General Manager Li Jiwei introduced the overall situation of the company. The technical exchange of products was carried out, and the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering gave relevant suggestions on the product development of UniMAT, and the two parties reached a preliminary consensus on joint technology development.

Shenzhen UniMAT Automation has recently launched new products PLC touch all-in-one machine, US100A series high-power servo, and Profinet slave communication interface module IM267 .


PLC touch all-in-one machine is a new series of products developed and designed by UniMAT according to its own advantages. This machine integrates the advantages of PLC and HMI, and has its own IO interface, providing high-quality solutions for constant pressure water supply, fire inspection and other industries.


US100A series servo system adopts the most advanced motor control algorithm, realizes the closed-loop servo control of current loop, speed loop and position loop, and has good self-adaptive ability. UniMAT servo can cooperate with servo motors of various specifications from 100W to 7500W. Pulse type and analog voltage type are integrated, and the functions are more complete. Internal zero return, internal multi-segment position, more powerful functions. This servo series is specialized in high precision and fast response applications. Suitable for CNC machine tools, printing machinery, packaging machinery, paper machinery, textile machinery, industrial robots, automated production lines and other industries.


IM267 communication interface module is a distributed IO module developed by UniMAT Automation for automation system integration customers such as building HVAC and water treatment. It has high-speed Ethernet communication, supports Profinet slave communication protocol, can be mounted under the Profinet master device, and a single module can expand 7 UN200 series IO modules.

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