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UniMAT Automation invites you to "make trouble" in Tianzhu

UniMAT Automation invites you to "make trouble" in Tianzhu

Since its successful holding in 2002, the Mumbai International Automation Exhibition in India, after more than 14 years of development and growth, has become aThe most important and largest international industrial automation exhibition in Asia . August 9-12, 2017The 12th India Mumbai International Automation Exhibition was held in Mumbai, India.

In this exhibition, UniMAT Automation will carry low-point CPU122, HMI with its own ladder function, US100 series servo system and other economical and practical new products. You can also customize exclusive solutions. Welcome to communicate and negotiate!

Small point CPU122//

CPU122 series PLC inherits the economical features of UN120 series. It can meet the industrial or civil applications (such as buildings and fire protection) within 14 points, and is an ideal choice for the upgrading and transformation of traditional time relay control systems.

· The CPU122 body integrates 8-point digital input/6-point (transistor/relay) output.

· The program space is 6K, and the data space is 2K. Support MicroWIN programming and debugging.

1 standard PPI communication port, host free port and MODBUS-RTU communication protocol

UH300 series HMI //

· Easy to learn and use, foolish software to use

· Support ladder diagram, more useful secondary development

· Rich gallery, more than 2,000 galleries can be called arbitrarily


US100 series servo //

· Servo internal multi-segment position

Comes with a variety of automatic zero return functions

· Convenient wiring, fixed with screws, firm and reliable

· Non- polar digital input and output

· The software function of the upper computer is flexible and easy to use

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