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[Technical Classroom] UniMAT Internet of Things Application Course (3) - How to configure data?

[Technical Classroom] UniMAT Internet of Things Application Course (3) - How to configure data?

In order to help UnIMAT customers use IoT products more conveniently, a series of articles on Internet of Things application courses are launched. The articles will comprehensively introduce the software and hardware, operation methods, related configurations, typical applications, common problems and other knowledge of UniMAT IoT. After reading the full text, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the Internet of Things, and achieve more with less for the application of the Internet of Things.

This issue brings you the data configuration of UniMAT Internet of Things .

Commonly used data configuration includes real-time data, historical data, alarm data, script configuration, communication configuration, etc.


1. Communication configuration


The link name of the communication configuration in the IoT touch screen, Uniface and AnyAccess should be the same.      

2. Real-time data


In the device management platform, select the device and configure related data. Real-time data, similar to the variable table in the configuration software.

Use it on PC or mobile to view real-time data.

A. Mobile phone number registration account


Registration entry:

Reference documentation:


B. Follow the official account

C. Device management platform, click on the avatar and choose to bind WeChat


D. Binding WeChat binding success prompt


02Alarm configuration

In the device management platform, add alarm data.

03 Alarm contact

04Message push settings

05Call/SMS alarm recharge

Data card binding and recharge:

4. Historical data


User cloud configuration historical data analysis, or IoT touch screen historical data display.

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