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[Technical Classroom] UniMAT Internet of Things Application Course (7) - How to upload and download remotely?

[Technical Classroom] UniMAT Internet of Things Application Course (7) - How to upload and download remotely?

In order to help UniMAT customers use IoT products more conveniently, a series of articles on IoT application courses are specially launched. The articles will comprehensively introduce the software and hardware, operation methods, related configurations, typical applications, common problems and other knowledge of UniMAT IoT. After reading the full text, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the Internet of Things, and achieve more with less for the application of the Internet of Things.

This issue brings you how to perform remote upload and download of the Evie Internet of Things .

Process: software→ user registration → application for secondary domain name → device registration → remote upload and download

If you only need the remote upload and download function, you do not need to add virtual devices in the cloud configuration platform, that is, the second-level domain name. You only need to register the device in the device management platform, that is, Anyaccess.

The IoT device has a default connection, which is the Ethernet interface, and the default IP of the device is

After transparent transmission, devices on the same network segment, such as HMI/PLC, can be uploaded and downloaded.

When downloading on the serial port, a serial port link needs to be established, and the interface parameters must be consistent with the parameters of the device to be downloaded.

Download from the network port or serial port, as long as the network port or serial port link is established, regardless of the device brand or protocol, under normal circumstances, it can be uploaded and downloaded.


1. Remote download via universal network port



A. Open the Anyaccess device management platform, log in, and select the device to be downloaded. Click Next.

The transparent transmission status shows that it is occupied, first click "Close transparent transmission"

B. The status shown in the figure below indicates that the transparent transmission channel is successfully opened. Note: The IP of PLC or HMI cannot be searched.

If the opening is successful, the remote upload and download cannot be performed, or a message indicating that the transparent transmission fails, or the VPN fails to be opened, please check whether the virtual network card is installed correctly. For virtual network card installation, please refer to the chapter "Virtual Network Card"

2. Universal serial port remote download


As shown in Figure 1, we use the gateway to connect with the UniMAT 120L series PLC, and we choose the X3 protocol for the protocol.

As shown in Figure 2, we change the connected parameters to the parameters corresponding to the PLC itself.

As shown in Figure 3, we open the serial port transparent transmission and prepare to download the program. You can see that the protocol we choose is still the X3 protocol.

As shown in Figure 4, we can see that the parameters set in the S7-200 software are the same as the parameters we set in anyacess.

As shown in Figure 5, after setting the parameters, we search for the PLC, and we can see that the PLC has been successfully searched.

3. Example of remote download via network port



01 Ethernet port remote download Siemens S7-200 Smart PLC


After the transparent transmission is opened normally, open the Siemens STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART programming software, click Communication—>Add CPU—>Enter the actual IP address of the CPU, confirm, confirm again, and then upload and download.

B. Figure, choose to connect via a hub, enter the actual IP of the CPU

C. Click the communication test, it will prompt the connection is successful, then you can download the PLC program remotely


03Download KTP series screen program through network port


Turn on transparent transmission, select the device with the same display address when downloading, and click Search.

Fourth, the serial port remote download example




01 Serial port download Delta PLC


Select COM8 for the communication port, and the rest can be connected to the PLC to download the program normally without changing.

02 Serial port download Xinjie PLC


When downloading Xinjie PLC through the serial port, select the COM8 port to connect to the PLC to download the program normally.

If the download program prompts the following error after connecting to the PLC, you need to check the Bluetooth virtual serial port option.

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