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Technical Parameters

order number

UN 288-3AM06-0AA0

physical properties

Dimensions W x H x D (mm)

45 x 100 x 81

power consumption

2W (no load)

Power Characteristics

Rated voltage

DC 24V

Input voltage

DC 20.4 to 28.8V

24V input current

Less than 100mA (no load)

electric shock

12A at 28.8V DC


0.75A 60V slow blow

SM bus current

Less than 120mA (single module)

Analog Input Characteristics

Enter points

4 inputs

Analog input type

Analog differential input

Voltage Input Range (Bipolar)

±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V

Voltage data range

-27648 ~+27648

Current data range

0 ~ 27648

Current input range

0 ~ 20mA

Overshoot/Undershoot Range (data word)

Voltage: 27,649~32,511/-27,649~-32,512

Current: 27,649~32,511/-4,864~0

Overflow/Underflow (data word)

Voltage: 32,512~32,767/-32,513~-32,768

Current: 32,512~32,767/-4,865~-32,768


Voltage mode: 12 bits + sign bit

Current Mode: 12 bits

Maximum pressure/current resistance

± 30 V / ± 40 mA (withstand voltage)


none, weak, medium or strong

noise suppression

400 , 60, 50 or 10 Hz

Accuracy (25°C/0~50°C)

Voltage input: ±0.1%FS/±0.2%FS

Current input: ±0.2%FS/±0.3%FS

input resistance

≥2MΩ voltage input

250Ω current input

Isolation (Field to Logic)


ADC conversion time

625uS (400Hz suppression)

common mode rejection

40dB , DC to 60Hz

common mode voltage

Signal voltage + common mode voltage ≤ 12V

Cable length (maximum)

100m , shielded twisted pair

Analog Output Characteristics

output points

2 outputs

output type

voltage or current

Voltage output range

-10V ~ +10V

Current output range

0 ~ +20mA


Voltage mode: 11 bits + sign bit

Current Mode: 11 bits

Full-Scale Range (Data Words)

Voltage: -27648~+27648

Current: 0~27648

output buffer

Voltage: 27649~28000/-27648~-28000

Current: 0~-4864

Accuracy (25°C/0~50°C)

Voltage: ±0.5%FS /±1%FS, Current: ±1%FS

Settling time (95% of new value)

Voltage: 300 μs (R), 750 μs (1 μF)

Current: 600 μs (1 mH), 2 ms (10 mH)

load impedance

Voltage ≥ 1000Ω

Current ≤ 500Ω

Output status in STOP mode

previous value or replacement value (default is 0)

Isolation (Field to Logic)


Cable length (maximum)





Short to ground (voltage mode only)


Open Circuit (Current Mode Only)


24 V DC


Environment and basic parameters

Working temperature

0 °C~60°C (horizontal installation), 0°C~50°C (vertical installation)

Transport ambient temperature

-20 ℃~80℃

Ambient relative humidity

5 ~ 90%, non-condensing (RH level 2, in line with IEC61131-2)

degree of protection

IP20 , comply with IEC60529

Side View

Dimensions (mm)

Wiring Diagram

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