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Technical Parameters



order number

UN 288-2DR32-0AA0

Dimensions W x H x D (mm)

70 x 100 x 81


295.4 g

Power consumption

10 W.

Current consumption (SM bus)

180 mA

Current consumption (24 V DC)

4 mA per input used

11 mA per relay coil used

digital input

Enter the number of points




Rated voltage

24 V DC at 4 mA, nominal

allowable continuous voltage

30 V DC max

surge voltage

35 V DC for 0.5 s

Logic 1 signal (minimum)

15 V DC

Logic 0 signal (maximum)

5 V DC

Isolation (field side vs logic side)

500 V AC for 1 min

isolation group


Number of inputs switched on at the same time


cable length

500 m (shielded), 150 m (unshielded)

digital output

output points



relay, dry contact

voltage range

5 ~ 30 V DC or 5 ~ 250 V AC

Logic 1 signal at maximum current


Logic 0 signal with 10 KΩ load


Rated current per point (max)

2 A

lamp load

30 W DC/200 W AC

On-state electric shock resistance

0.2 Ω max for new devices

Leakage current per point


Inrush current

7 A when the contacts are closed

Overload protection


Isolation (field side vs logic side)

1500 V AC for 1 min
    (coil and contacts)
    none (coil and logic side)

Isolation resistance

100 MΩ minimum for new devices

Break the insulation

750 V AC for 1 min

between electric shocks

isolation group


Current at each common

8 A

Inductor clamping voltage


switch delay

Off to On up to 50 µs
    On to Off up to 200 µs

Mechanical life (no load)

10,000,000 open/close cycles

Electric shock life under rated load

100,000 open/close cycles

Output status in STOP mode

previous value or replacement value (default is 0)

Number of outputs switched on at the same time


cable length

500 m (shielded), 150 m (unshielded)

Side View

Dimensions (mm)

Wiring Diagram

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