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IM261 MODBUS-RTU Interface Module

IM261 is a MODBUS-RTU slave interface module, can be networking and distributed I/O application with MODBUS master system,  

Support MODBUS master system ( UN314, Siemens PLC, Scheider PLC, HMI)  

RS 485 communication baud rate from 9.6Kbs to 12Mbs adjusting automatically  

Max. supports 99 slaves connecting,  

Adopts Optoelectronic isolation and over-current protection on RS 485 end,    

With configuration/diagnosis function.  

Model No.

IM261 MODBUS-RTU Interface Module

Order No.

UN 261-0AA22-0XA0

  Side View

  technical parameters


Voltage range

20.4-28.8V DC


1 RS485 port

Connecting protocol

Station address setting 0 to 99(by knob switch)
Max. stations per period 32

Max. stations per net

126,Max. 99 EM261 stations
Baud rate

2400、4800、9600、19200、38400、57600、115200 bit/s

UN 200 modules No. 7

Cable length

< 93.75Kbps

1200 meters


1000 meters


400 meters


200 meters


100 meters




  Wiring diagram

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