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Battery signal board SB BA01 Order number: UN 288-5BA01-0AA0

Model No.


Order No.

UN 288-5BA01-0AA0

  technical parameters

model SB BA01
order number UN 288-5BA01-0AA0
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 35×52.2×16
weight 20 g
power consumption 0.6W
Batteries (need to be purchased by yourself)  
hold time about 1 year
Battery Type CR1025 button battery
Rated voltage 3 V
Rated Capacity 30 mAh
battery diagnostics Low voltage indicator light:
    low battery voltage will cause the LED on the BA01 panel to be red and always on, diagnostic alarm/or digital quantity I7.0=1 when the battery is low


  Dimensions (mm)

  Side View

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